Sammy Armogan

Shan Armogan

Cliff Ashwell

Percy Bulsara

Brian Carty

A. Coopland

G. Coopland

Richard Dawson

Dicky Dawson

Scott Duesing

Andrew Dunsford


Gwil Evans

Mike Fuller

Rene Fitzpatrick – Guyana – Member From 2011-2016

John Garwood

Tony Gordon

Horace Hackett

Kenny Hammond

J.C. Haworth

A. Haynes

R. Hayter

Harry Haywood-Monk

Ed Hillary

Azad Hosein

N.F. Jack

Wilfred James

Suresh jayaraman

Terry Jolly

Tony Kennedy

E.T. Kent

A. Khan

M.Y. Kiani

Ricky Lawrence


John Lovelace

Gerry Maingot

Jass Mangat

Sani Mangat

N.D. McCreath

Pat McGrath


Barry Mills


J.K. Mohamed

Irfan Naseem

S. Nayak


Ian Pich

Clive Pickering

Ali Pirani

Peter Porritt

Rudy Powell

Ralph Ragbir

J. Reed

T.M. Roulston

Gavin Roche

Jerome Strachan

C. Thorpe

Sam Toulson

Neal Toulson

John Valentine

Guy Valentine

Barry Valentine

John Williams

Casey Wright

Gareth Yates

Paul Ziesmann



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