Feb 25, 2018 Indoor Game report VS Winnipeg Super Kings

Taverners C. C. vs Winnipeg Super Kings
Feb 25 2018
I presume Taverners won the toss but anyway they batted 1st.
Garvin was still AWOL after his “Yes I am available”, “No I am not”, “Yes I am” series of emails. David came to watch but was dragooned into playing as Keith much preferred an afternoon on the couch. Another spectator Martin was volunteered as the square leg umpire.
The innings was opened by skipper Chomo (23) & David (11), the bowling was tight or spinning or bending out of reach, but after a couple of overs the batmen were finding the side walls but their running technique left something to be desired. For the 2nd game in a row David provided some light entertainment by getting out to a ball off his foot to just hit the stumps if there had been bails in use they would not have moved & it would have been not out.
The next pair Chris (7) & Anil (17) started out as though they had turned up for the wrong sport & were having great difficulty in making contact with the ball, but again after 3 overs the pace picked up a bit but was still quite slow overall.
The final pair Imdad (34) & Garvin (27) picked up the pace & managed to get the opposition rattled with some quick runs & very few chances. With the help of 24 wides Taverners put together a score of 143.
The Super Kings looked as though they had 3 competent batsmen & 3 that needed to be protected by the single on the last ball of the over. All the Taverner bowlers were in good form & Chris behind the stumps kept the batsmen rooted in their crease. Garvin told the umpire that he would be bowling right arm over or left arm around but he wouldn’t know which until he delivered. There was some good tight fielding & a few very good catches. David put his soccer skills to good use with some good foot stops that were destined for 4, maybe because they were off his bowling.
In the end the Super Kings pairs made 21, 38, & 45 plus 11 wides for a total of 115.
Taverners 1st win of the current campaign.
Taverners bowling:-
Chomo 1 – 22, Anil 2 – 34, David 0 – 23, Garvin 2 – 21 & Imdad 0 – 25
As per usual we spent the rest of the afternoon in the Cambridge all 9 people were there. Main topics of conversation were the just completed Winter Olympics & Canada’s poor showing in curling & hockey, Karran’s  multi golf games in Phoenix & food for the Friday Meeting/ Poker evening.
Next game Saturday March 3 at 3.00 PM

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