March 25, 2018 Indoor Game report VS U-19

Taverners Vs U-19
Taverners batted 1st with Garvin (32) & Nigel (7) not much running as Nigel is still among the walking wounded.
Batting 2nd Sid (31) & David (17) decided that tip & run would be the most effective way of scoring. After 9 run outs I don’t think that they proved their point.
Finishing up the innings were Imdad (41) & Chris (12) they did not go for many runs & were never run out.
With 25 wides Taverners amassed a strong total of 165.
The Under 19’s played with one strong batsman with a weaker player & tried to pick up the single at the end of the over to keep the stronger batsman facing. It worked for some of the time but it meant that the score was restricted. The 1st pair put on 44, the 2nd pair 30 & the final duo 34
Extras 11 with 1 no ball by Garvin bowling with the wrong hand.
U – 19 total 114
Bowling Sid 0 – 19, Garvin 2 – 34, Nigel 1 – 37, David 0 -24, Imdad 4 -18
Post game at the Cambridge where the main topic was the date of the next “practice” at Torque as a few players would be out of town on the original date of the 4th & others out on the 11th. Finally resolved as no change, practice April 4 at Torque

Bragging Bat game #19 March 18 2018

Bragging Bat #19

Taverners Vs Cosmos

March 18 2018

This was the 10th indoor version of the “friendly” encounters between these 2 sides. The rules just a little different from the regular games. Each team has 8 players who all bat for 5 overs per pair but only 7 can field at any time. Bowlers restricted to 3 overs each & catches can be made off 3 walls but not the bowlers end wall.

Looking at the 2 teams it was obvious that this was a battle between the veterans & the new kids on the block. The ages of any 2 Cosmos players wouldn’t add up to 1 Taverner.

Taverners batted 1st opening with Sid (37) & David (-2), whether by design or not Sid faced most of the bowling & scored fairly freely & David never managed to get his bat to the ball. Total 41 with extras

Next in were skipper Chomo (6) & senior player Chris (10), both having problems getting to the ball or making scoring shots. At the end of their stay the score was 67 thanks to 10 wides.

The 3rd pair Nigel (-4) & Garvin (21) struggled at times with Nigel finding it painful to run. Score after 3 pairs 91

Vasu (39) & Anil (3) rounded out the innings with Vasu managing to claim most of the strike, Anil’s 3 came off just 3 balls. Total 139 that included 29 wides.

The 1 extra fielder & the comparative youth restricted much in the way of running between the wickets.

Cosmos Bowling Manpreet 0 -30, Shalin 1 – 20, Shlok 1 – 29 Saif 3 -24            Ricky 0 -22 Kevin 1 -17 & Viabhav 1 -23

The Cosmos innings opened with Vandit (27) & Manpreet (8) with Vandit facing most of the deliveries & taking the single on ball 6 a few times Total 39 just 2 behind Taverners at this stage.

Next in Shalin (14) & Shlok (6) with Shlok looking real uncomfortable in a helmet which is mandatory for his age when batting, something he did not get much of a chance to do. After 2 pairs Cosmos 63 now 4 runs behind.

Ricki (49) & Skipper Saif (6) came in as the 3rd pair & Ricki dominated the innings with some good shots & no chances. At the end of their innings Cosmos at 121 now 30 runs up & requiring just 19 to win

All the final pair had to do was hit the side walls & not get out but Kevin (19) & Vaibhav (7) managed the 1st quite well but not the 2nd, maybe it was because Chomo had kept Nigel in reserve & he kept the score down but his efforts were not enough as Cosmos ended with a total of 149 with only 13 wides to win by 10 runs.                                                                                                                            Taverners fielding was much more Taverner like for this game after an excellent fielding display in their previous game on Saturday where only easy chances for catches & stops were missed.                                                                                                                                                

Taverner Bowling:- Sid 0 – 21, David 1 -34, Chomo 0 – 28, Garvin 0 -33,         Vasu 2 – 27, Anil 1 for 13, & Nigel 2 – 10 from 2 overs. 

The 2 teams gathered post game at the Cambridge with 3 of the Cosmos lads a little late, claiming the had to gas up the car. From the time it took they must have gone down to Morris. Taverners President Nigel presented the Trophy to Saif with the usual round of congratulations & pictures & with the reminder not to leave it behind at the end of the evening as they had done in the past. Quite a few were still present when time was called in the bar at 7:30. A pleasant afternoon & evening even if Vandit did try his best to kill me at square leg when he was batting

The oath

The welcoming letter to the club

You have been accepted for membership to join the Taverners, congratulations! We will have you added to the email list for club notifications.

AGM is normally the last Friday of April. Purchase of a Club Tie is mandatory at $15 from the Treasurer. The Tie Must be worn at the AGM and at all gatherings during the Summer months after our cricket games. Not required to be worn at the Bar-B-Q and during Fall and Winter gatherings. A “Tie Fine” of $5 is levied where a member has not been compliant in proper attire as previously indicated. All fines are a contribution to our Social Fund, used to subsidize numerous club activities during the year.

We play twelve 20-over games during the summer, on Wednesday evenings from May to mid-August. For games in Summer we would like to get to the park by 5.30 p.m. to assist with setting up the field with matting and markers. After games we generally get together for a few drinks. Members host after games, and beer is $4 (Can change at the AGM). Any profits are collected into the Social Fund. We are also registered in the indoor league from January to March. After indoor games we generally get together for a few drinks at a bar. The Club has complete sets of cricketing gear for use by members.

You may not be chosen as a player for every game, but we would enjoy if you attended games as a supporter, especially in the Summer. It is imperative you are aware the Captain chooses the team and is beyond reproach for selections made. Selections are based on availability and ensuring parity in the number of games played and not skill level.

In March or April each year, we participate in a 6 a side indoor tournament in Brandon. Normally it is two games played on a Saturday. We visit and return on the same day.

Fees are currently $150 plus a $25 Social Levy for a total of $175 (can change at the AGM).

This entitles you to eligibility to all outdoor and indoor games at no additional cost. There are also Associate non-playing members with annual fees of $75 plus a $25 Social Levy.

We are involved in Curling in Winter months at an additional fee depending on the number of games, if interested. The Club also has curling gear for use by members. After Curling games we generally get together for a few drinks.

In September there is a Bar-B-Q at no cost where significant others are included, each member provides a dish of some sort. All drinks at this event is provided by the Club at no cost to members.

Between the Fall and Spring we get to gather at a bar for a beer every second Wednesday. During this time period we occasionally have a poker night at a member’s house on a Friday.

There is an 18 hole golf tournament (June) and a nine hole golf tournament (August) at your own cost.

Our membership is more interested in the joys of the sport as a whole and camaraderie (as some say – the fellowship).One of our major benefits includes members from various countries and all walks of life. Expectations are all fellow members are treated with respect for whom they are and their personal views. In saying that, sledging is very acceptable and very few topics are considered out of bounds. We trust that you will enjoy the Social aspects of this institution that many before us have built over 60 years ago, maintaining the integrity of the Club and membership alike.

Taverners Cricket Memorial Trophy

Taverners Cricket Memorial Trophy
Taverners Cricket Club had two golf trophies and a trophy for insidious performance for many years. The players sacrifice a lot to practise hard every second week throughout the long Winnipeg winter, to be ready and in top shape for the cricket in the summer.
It was time to acknowledge actual cricket achievements that occurs during the real cricket season in the summer.  In 2014 the Captain Hein Peters donated the “Taverners Cricket Memorial Trophy” , to be awarded for the most memorable cricket achievement, if any, of the season. The Captain and President will decide the winner at the end of the season. If their aging memories let them down, the trophy will go to someone or something that is somehow related to cricket.
2014: Sid Roberts – caught all three catches of a hat trick while fielding on long on
2015: Cold beer – was best performer of the season
2016: Chris Emery – three stumpings in one game
2017: Andrew Amsden- for hat trick
2018: The team that won the Bragging bat game.
2019: Keith James – for taking 5 consecutive catches on the long on boundary in 2 games

Bragging Bat

The Bragging Bat

The Bragging Bat is a semi-annual competition between Cosmos Cricket Club and Taverners Cricket Club. The competition started in 2009. Each year we play 2 matches, 1 indoor and 1 outdoor. The winner of each match is permanently recorded on ‘The Bragging Bat’.


Indoor Game Winner                                                  Outdoor Game Winner

B Bat #01- Feb 18, 2009 – Cosmos                                B Bat #02- Aug 12, 2009 – Taverners

B Bat #03- Feb 24, 2010 – Cosmos                                B Bat #04- June 30, 2010 – Cosmos

B Bat #05- Feb 16, 2011 – Taverners                            B Bat #06- July 06, 2011 – Cosmos

B Bat #07- March 22, 2012 – Taverners                       B Bat #08- June 27, 2012 – Taverners

B Bat #09- April 03, 2013 – Taverners                          B Bat #10- June 19, 2013 – Cosmos

B Bat #11- March 19, 2014 – Cosmos                            B Bat #12- June 25, 2014 – Taverners

B Bat #13- April 01, 2015 – Cosmos                               B Bat #14- June 24, 2015 – Cosmos

B Bat #15- April 02, 2016 – Cosmos                                B Bat #16- July 06, 2016 – Cosmos

B Bat #17- March 05, 2017 – Cosmos                              B Bat #18- June 28, 2017 – Taverners

B Bat #19- March 18, 2018 – Cosmos                              B Bat #20- June 27, 2018 – Taverners

B Bat #21 – March 31, 2019 – Cosmos                             B Bat #22 – June 12, 2019 – Cosmos

B Bat #23 – COVID-19                                                      B Bat #24 – July 1, 2020 – Cosmos

James A Rose

James A Rose Trophy

The original trophy originated as follows: James A. Rose was a friend of Gwilym Evans. He lived in England all his life and visited Winnipeg just once, in 1979. Being a cricket enthusiast, he was delighted when Gwil arranged for him to turn out for a Wednesday evening Taverners’ game. He brought a brand new County cricket ball to the game, but we felt that it was too good to be used on the matting wicket and reserved it for “future use”. We later decided to turn it into an award, to be presented annually, for “assiduous achievement’ by a Taverner.

However, how could we turn a cricket ball into a trophy? During debate on this question, Mike Fuller not only purported to have an answer, but generously volunteered to get the job done as he had at his disposal the formidable metalworking resources of his work colleagues. Imagine his chagrin at the reaction of his fellow Taverners when he unveiled his work of art at a subsequent meeting. Teutonic monstrosity was just one of several unflattering descriptions muttered by the gathered onlookers who, though grudgingly allowing that it was a masterpiece of engineering scored it very low for artistic impression. Even less flattering were some of the epithets that Michael aimed back at his detractors. But, at least, Taverners now had a brand new trophy that looked as though it could last for eons. Who better to be its first (1983) recipient than M.J.Fuller himself since, we argued, he was likely the only person who would be happy to display it publicly.

List of winners:

1982 – Mike Fuller: see above.

1983 – Dick Dawson – we’re not sure why he was selected!

1984 – Jack King – came to the annual meeting (we’re not sure why as he was involved in tennis), paid his dues and was never seen again! Given his recent ill famed and much publicised peccadillos, we’ve been trying to see how we might erase his name from the trophy.

1985 – Harry Davies: for the enormous bruise on his shin suffered in stopping a certain boundary thus turning four runs into two for the throw.

1986 – Ali Pirani. Ali , a gynaecologist, was always careful not to do anything silly with his hands. Given his reluctance to help with putting out the mat on a Wednesday evening, we secretly awarded him the trophy on condition that he helped at least once with the mat during the forthcoming season. The condition was satisfied before one game when Ali was observed carrying out the hammer.

1987 – Gwilym Evans: the trophy was lost and we awarded it to Gwyl as we thought (correctly as it turned out) that he’d be the only one who could track it down.

1988 – Brian Carty: for fashioning out of wood a much more acceptable version of the trophy, and for turning out an impressive collection of bails.

1989 – Cliff Ashwell: for his outrageous stories about sheep. He actually thought he’d won it for cricketing prowess, but we put him right on that assumption.

1990 – Terry Jolly: for his contributions as president, and for running out a record number of fellow Taverners.

1991 – Gerry Maingot: for, when umpiring, signalling “one short” on a single.

1992 – Keith Tipples: for the impressive swollen black eye sustained when mistiming a hook.

1993 – Caroline Pirani: our first female recipient. Awarded in appreciation of her hosting the Taverners BBQ for a number of years and for putting up with Ali.

1994 – Ed Hillary: for a number of E.H. moments, including missing an indoor game because he went to sleep in the parking lot.

1995 – Jon Page: For nude bathing at the club BBQ.

1996 – Tony Kennedy: Long service and good luck overseas.

1997 – Chris Emery: For hosting the BBQ.

1998 – Horace Hacket: For service as captain.

1999 – Sid Roberts: For humility and clean language.

2000 – Barry Mills: For constructing the cricket scoreboards.

2001 – Philip Munro-Smith: For social services.

2002 – Chris Emery: For services as skipper.

2003 – Philip Munro-Smith – for scoring 100 runs on a Wednesday evening:

2004 – Rob Vernon: For cooking up a great Taverners gourmet dinner.

2005 – Rob Vernon – For enhanced culinary expertise and another great evening.

2006 – Philip Munro Smith – for the non-existent web site

2007 – Karl Jaikaransingh – Playing on three teams in the same evening and taking a catch for all three teams.

2008 – Mark Anderson – – burning down the kitchen

2009 – Taverners Curling team. Manitoba Bonspiel participants PM-S, KJ, JP, SR, NT

2010 – Jon Page :for being our revered brew master.

2011 – Chomo Vanderwert – for being unintelligible as the captain

2012 – Karl Jaikaransingh – Long service as one half of the social twins.

2013 – Keith Tipples -Long service as president .

2014 – Karran Bayney – for being a tight fisted tax man and for rebuilding the trophy.

2015 – Martin Daibee – For his years of captaining the team and dropping himself more times than playing.

2016 – Sylvester, Joe – For being a long serving members and contributing to the club and    the MCA

2017 – Ray Kohanik – For organizing the curling and picking the team that broke the jinx                 of 1-54  –   KB, DH, ID, JP.

2018 – Chomo Vanderwert – For the hard work put into the upkeep of the taverner’s website

2019 – Keith James – For his ballet on ice and breaking a few ribs during a curling game

Larry Unrau Golf Tournament (par 3)

Larry Unrau Golf Tournament

Larry, was an all-round cricketer. A good fielder, useful medium pace bowler, and a strong middle order batsman who knocked up 50 plus runs for Taverners on more than one occasion. At the time of playing cricket for Taverners in the early 1990’s, he was employed as an air line pilot for Lamb Air. He left Winnipeg for BC, to fly for the then CP Air, who later was wound up into Air Canada. He may be a captain with West Jet.

In the early 1990’s, Taverners was strictly a summertime Wednesday evening cricket club with no other planned activities. After the annual BBQ in September, most members were out of touch with each other until the AGM the following spring. At the AGM, it was suggested that the Taverners members (being athletes) diversify and become more rounded. The nominator is not known as records of the motion are no longer available. However, oral history from a prior member indicate that Larry may have been the one who suggested a golf tournament.

MikeFuller, being the Secretary at that time, was tasked with making the proper arrangements. Since all of the Taverners members had full time jobs and due to the dwindling light available at the end of the cricket season, it was decided that a 9 hole par three tournament would be appropriate. It was also agreed that the game would be played the Wednesday following the last game of the season and not on a weekend.

Harbour View was chosen for the inaugural game as it was close to Mike’s home, which allowed him to get home quickly to prepare burgers, beer and presentation before everyone got to the house. The trophy was purchased for $15 and it was engraved accordingly.

Larry, being the sportsman, was also a low handicap golfer. A fact not previously mentioned to his fellow Taverner’s members (or maybe they did not understand what a low handicap in golf was or didn’t care. The latter seems to be true). Several members of Taverners attended the tournament and a small wager was made as to who the winner would be. Oral history again indicates that Larry won the first tournament hands down going away. However, Horace Hackett, is shown as the first recorded winner in 1993. The tournament is stroke play with no allowance for handicap.

Another oral history is that one evening, several members of Taverners met at Billy Joe Bobs pub (no evidence of its existence) after a real practise. Larry, made a comment that he wasn’t allowed to drink in the 24 hours prior to his scheduled flight. He had never bought a round after the practise and thus never tipped the waitress (Taverners do come by their name honestly). So the final practise before Christmas (Taverners was a summer time team so this was a different practise), he gave the waitress $20 or $30 as a tip. It is not known if patrons actually tipped the waitresses at BJB pub because the waitress returned later with a round of beers (for more serious practise) saying that she couldn’t accept that amount of tip.

To this day, the tournament continues at Harbour View with a slight hiatus to Crescent Drive Golf course for a few years. The strong traditions of Taverners continues. Taverners members now play indoor cricket, curls in the MCA curling Bonspiel, and has seen the birth of a 18 hole handicap golf tournament called ‘The Grumpy Challenge’ named aptly after a former member Clive Pickering



1993  Horace Hackett
1994  Kenny Hammond
1995  Horace Hackett
1996  Mike Fuller
1997 Phillip Munro-Smith
1998  Chris Emery
1999  Horace Hackett
2000  Phillip Munro-Smith
2001 Keith James
2002  Keith James
2003  Keith James
1993  Horace Hackett
2004  Chris Emery
2005 Phillip Munro Smith
2006 Chris Emery
2007 Chris Emery
2008 Phillip Munro-Smith
2009 Mark Anderson
2010 Mark Anderson
2011 Mark Anderson
2012 Horace Hackett
2013 Keith Tipples
2014 Mark Anderson
2015 Garvin Budhoo
2016 XXXX
2017 Karran Bayney
2018 Karran Bayney
2019 Mark Anderson

March 03, 2018 Indoor Game report VS Bengal Tigers

Taverners CC vs. Bengal Tigers
March 3 2018
Quite a pleasant day with some sun, light winds & above zero temperatures.
Taverners win the toss & elect to bat. After last weeks stirling performance Imdad & Garvin are promoted to the opening pair. For the 1st couple of overs Tigers are 1 short so only 5 fielders, but because of some tight bowling & a number of  wides scoring is restricted to shots to the side wall mainly from Alli. With the introduction of player #6 & another bowler bowling spin Garvin goes to pieces missing shots & being stumped a couple of times. Garvin manages to accumulate 5 & Alli 30 with 11 wides & the fall of wickets the 1st pair  make 36.
The next pair Sid (30) & David (11) push the score along but way too many shots are too high & wasted effort. Again running(?) between the wickets a little pedestrian. Unusually their is no comic relief from David just a solid back up to Sid. with the pair adding 54
The final pair skipper Chomo (7) & Daniel (11) struggle to get runs especially after Daniel sustains a “lower body” injury try to hit a leg side wide. With the help of a number of wides they end up with 27
Taverners finish with 117 aided by a total of 32 wides
Chomo put on the pads to keep wicket until the side reminded him of his previous weeks bowling performances plus Daniel had limited mobility & so Daniel had his 1st spell behind the stumps indoors.
Taverners bowling was up to its usual standard but the Bengal batsmen were equal to the task. The 1st pair putting on 56 including Chomo’s 1st wide of the season
The second pair brought the Tiger’s score to 100.
The final pair led by Ash batted as though it was a 50 over game taking no chances & adding 50 helped by a tiring David whose leg breaks lacked direction or they were quite wide of the target
Bengal Tigers 150 with just 13 wides to help them win by 33
Taverners Bowling
Garvin 2-30, Imdad 1-34, David 0-31, Sid 2-25, Chomo 0-38
Daniel 2 stumpings
Post game as usual at The Cambridge, parking lot full but the pub mostly empty. With no Karran golf was thankfully not mentioned. Some time was spent on potential ideas for the UK Pub Crawl or to fool Chomo’s wife the cultural expedition.
No games this coming weekend but 2 the following weekend including the Bragging Bat.