March 03, 2018 Indoor Game report VS Bengal Tigers

Taverners CC vs. Bengal Tigers
March 3 2018
Quite a pleasant day with some sun, light winds & above zero temperatures.
Taverners win the toss & elect to bat. After last weeks stirling performance Imdad & Garvin are promoted to the opening pair. For the 1st couple of overs Tigers are 1 short so only 5 fielders, but because of some tight bowling & a number of  wides scoring is restricted to shots to the side wall mainly from Alli. With the introduction of player #6 & another bowler bowling spin Garvin goes to pieces missing shots & being stumped a couple of times. Garvin manages to accumulate 5 & Alli 30 with 11 wides & the fall of wickets the 1st pair  make 36.
The next pair Sid (30) & David (11) push the score along but way too many shots are too high & wasted effort. Again running(?) between the wickets a little pedestrian. Unusually their is no comic relief from David just a solid back up to Sid. with the pair adding 54
The final pair skipper Chomo (7) & Daniel (11) struggle to get runs especially after Daniel sustains a “lower body” injury try to hit a leg side wide. With the help of a number of wides they end up with 27
Taverners finish with 117 aided by a total of 32 wides
Chomo put on the pads to keep wicket until the side reminded him of his previous weeks bowling performances plus Daniel had limited mobility & so Daniel had his 1st spell behind the stumps indoors.
Taverners bowling was up to its usual standard but the Bengal batsmen were equal to the task. The 1st pair putting on 56 including Chomo’s 1st wide of the season
The second pair brought the Tiger’s score to 100.
The final pair led by Ash batted as though it was a 50 over game taking no chances & adding 50 helped by a tiring David whose leg breaks lacked direction or they were quite wide of the target
Bengal Tigers 150 with just 13 wides to help them win by 33
Taverners Bowling
Garvin 2-30, Imdad 1-34, David 0-31, Sid 2-25, Chomo 0-38
Daniel 2 stumpings
Post game as usual at The Cambridge, parking lot full but the pub mostly empty. With no Karran golf was thankfully not mentioned. Some time was spent on potential ideas for the UK Pub Crawl or to fool Chomo’s wife the cultural expedition.
No games this coming weekend but 2 the following weekend including the Bragging Bat.

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