Larry Unrau Golf Tournament (par 3)

Larry Unrau Golf Tournament

Larry, was an all-round cricketer. A good fielder, useful medium pace bowler, and a strong middle order batsman who knocked up 50 plus runs for Taverners on more than one occasion. At the time of playing cricket for Taverners in the early 1990’s, he was employed as an air line pilot for Lamb Air. He left Winnipeg for BC, to fly for the then CP Air, who later was wound up into Air Canada. He may be a captain with West Jet.

In the early 1990’s, Taverners was strictly a summertime Wednesday evening cricket club with no other planned activities. After the annual BBQ in September, most members were out of touch with each other until the AGM the following spring. At the AGM, it was suggested that the Taverners members (being athletes) diversify and become more rounded. The nominator is not known as records of the motion are no longer available. However, oral history from a prior member indicate that Larry may have been the one who suggested a golf tournament.

MikeFuller, being the Secretary at that time, was tasked with making the proper arrangements. Since all of the Taverners members had full time jobs and due to the dwindling light available at the end of the cricket season, it was decided that a 9 hole par three tournament would be appropriate. It was also agreed that the game would be played the Wednesday following the last game of the season and not on a weekend.

Harbour View was chosen for the inaugural game as it was close to Mike’s home, which allowed him to get home quickly to prepare burgers, beer and presentation before everyone got to the house. The trophy was purchased for $15 and it was engraved accordingly.

Larry, being the sportsman, was also a low handicap golfer. A fact not previously mentioned to his fellow Taverner’s members (or maybe they did not understand what a low handicap in golf was or didn’t care. The latter seems to be true). Several members of Taverners attended the tournament and a small wager was made as to who the winner would be. Oral history again indicates that Larry won the first tournament hands down going away. However, Horace Hackett, is shown as the first recorded winner in 1993. The tournament is stroke play with no allowance for handicap.

Another oral history is that one evening, several members of Taverners met at Billy Joe Bobs pub (no evidence of its existence) after a real practise. Larry, made a comment that he wasn’t allowed to drink in the 24 hours prior to his scheduled flight. He had never bought a round after the practise and thus never tipped the waitress (Taverners do come by their name honestly). So the final practise before Christmas (Taverners was a summer time team so this was a different practise), he gave the waitress $20 or $30 as a tip. It is not known if patrons actually tipped the waitresses at BJB pub because the waitress returned later with a round of beers (for more serious practise) saying that she couldn’t accept that amount of tip.

To this day, the tournament continues at Harbour View with a slight hiatus to Crescent Drive Golf course for a few years. The strong traditions of Taverners continues. Taverners members now play indoor cricket, curls in the MCA curling Bonspiel, and has seen the birth of a 18 hole handicap golf tournament called ‘The Grumpy Challenge’ named aptly after a former member Clive Pickering



1993  Horace Hackett
1994  Kenny Hammond
1995  Horace Hackett
1996  Mike Fuller
1997 Phillip Munro-Smith
1998  Chris Emery
1999  Horace Hackett
2000  Phillip Munro-Smith
2001 Keith James
2002  Keith James
2003  Keith James
1993  Horace Hackett
2004  Chris Emery
2005 Phillip Munro Smith
2006 Chris Emery
2007 Chris Emery
2008 Phillip Munro-Smith
2009 Mark Anderson
2010 Mark Anderson
2011 Mark Anderson
2012 Horace Hackett
2013 Keith Tipples
2014 Mark Anderson
2015 Garvin Budhoo
2016 XXXX
2017 Karran Bayney
2018 Karran Bayney
2019 Mark Anderson

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