James A Rose

James A Rose Trophy

The original trophy originated as follows: James A. Rose was a friend of Gwilym Evans. He lived in England all his life and visited Winnipeg just once, in 1979. Being a cricket enthusiast, he was delighted when Gwil arranged for him to turn out for a Wednesday evening Taverners’ game. He brought a brand new County cricket ball to the game, but we felt that it was too good to be used on the matting wicket and reserved it for “future use”. We later decided to turn it into an award, to be presented annually, for “assiduous achievement’ by a Taverner.

However, how could we turn a cricket ball into a trophy? During debate on this question, Mike Fuller not only purported to have an answer, but generously volunteered to get the job done as he had at his disposal the formidable metalworking resources of his work colleagues. Imagine his chagrin at the reaction of his fellow Taverners when he unveiled his work of art at a subsequent meeting. Teutonic monstrosity was just one of several unflattering descriptions muttered by the gathered onlookers who, though grudgingly allowing that it was a masterpiece of engineering scored it very low for artistic impression. Even less flattering were some of the epithets that Michael aimed back at his detractors. But, at least, Taverners now had a brand new trophy that looked as though it could last for eons. Who better to be its first (1983) recipient than M.J.Fuller himself since, we argued, he was likely the only person who would be happy to display it publicly.

List of winners:

1982 – Mike Fuller: see above.

1983 – Dick Dawson – we’re not sure why he was selected!

1984 – Jack King – came to the annual meeting (we’re not sure why as he was involved in tennis), paid his dues and was never seen again! Given his recent ill famed and much publicised peccadillos, we’ve been trying to see how we might erase his name from the trophy.

1985 – Harry Davies: for the enormous bruise on his shin suffered in stopping a certain boundary thus turning four runs into two for the throw.

1986 – Ali Pirani. Ali , a gynaecologist, was always careful not to do anything silly with his hands. Given his reluctance to help with putting out the mat on a Wednesday evening, we secretly awarded him the trophy on condition that he helped at least once with the mat during the forthcoming season. The condition was satisfied before one game when Ali was observed carrying out the hammer.

1987 – Gwilym Evans: the trophy was lost and we awarded it to Gwyl as we thought (correctly as it turned out) that he’d be the only one who could track it down.

1988 – Brian Carty: for fashioning out of wood a much more acceptable version of the trophy, and for turning out an impressive collection of bails.

1989 – Cliff Ashwell: for his outrageous stories about sheep. He actually thought he’d won it for cricketing prowess, but we put him right on that assumption.

1990 – Terry Jolly: for his contributions as president, and for running out a record number of fellow Taverners.

1991 – Gerry Maingot: for, when umpiring, signalling “one short” on a single.

1992 – Keith Tipples: for the impressive swollen black eye sustained when mistiming a hook.

1993 – Caroline Pirani: our first female recipient. Awarded in appreciation of her hosting the Taverners BBQ for a number of years and for putting up with Ali.

1994 – Ed Hillary: for a number of E.H. moments, including missing an indoor game because he went to sleep in the parking lot.

1995 – Jon Page: For nude bathing at the club BBQ.

1996 – Tony Kennedy: Long service and good luck overseas.

1997 – Chris Emery: For hosting the BBQ.

1998 – Horace Hacket: For service as captain.

1999 – Sid Roberts: For humility and clean language.

2000 – Barry Mills: For constructing the cricket scoreboards.

2001 – Philip Munro-Smith: For social services.

2002 – Chris Emery: For services as skipper.

2003 – Philip Munro-Smith – for scoring 100 runs on a Wednesday evening:

2004 – Rob Vernon: For cooking up a great Taverners gourmet dinner.

2005 – Rob Vernon – For enhanced culinary expertise and another great evening.

2006 – Philip Munro Smith – for the non-existent web site

2007 – Karl Jaikaransingh – Playing on three teams in the same evening and taking a catch for all three teams.

2008 – Mark Anderson – – burning down the kitchen

2009 – Taverners Curling team. Manitoba Bonspiel participants PM-S, KJ, JP, SR, NT

2010 – Jon Page :for being our revered brew master.

2011 – Chomo Vanderwert – for being unintelligible as the captain

2012 – Karl Jaikaransingh – Long service as one half of the social twins.

2013 – Keith Tipples -Long service as president .

2014 – Karran Bayney – for being a tight fisted tax man and for rebuilding the trophy.

2015 – Martin Daibee – For his years of captaining the team and dropping himself more times than playing.

2016 – Sylvester, Joe – For being a long serving members and contributing to the club and    the MCA

2017 – Ray Kohanik – For organizing the curling and picking the team that broke the jinx                 of 1-54  –   KB, DH, ID, JP.

2018 – Chomo Vanderwert – For the hard work put into the upkeep of the taverner’s website

2019 – Keith James – For his ballet on ice and breaking a few ribs during a curling game

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