The oath

The welcoming letter to the club

You have been accepted for membership to join the Taverners, congratulations! We will have you added to the email list for club notifications.

AGM is normally the last Friday of April. Purchase of a Club Tie is mandatory at $15 from the Treasurer. The Tie Must be worn at the AGM and at all gatherings during the Summer months after our cricket games. Not required to be worn at the Bar-B-Q and during Fall and Winter gatherings. A “Tie Fine” of $5 is levied where a member has not been compliant in proper attire as previously indicated. All fines are a contribution to our Social Fund, used to subsidize numerous club activities during the year.

We play twelve 20-over games during the summer, on Wednesday evenings from May to mid-August. For games in Summer we would like to get to the park by 5.30 p.m. to assist with setting up the field with matting and markers. After games we generally get together for a few drinks. Members host after games, and beer is $4 (Can change at the AGM). Any profits are collected into the Social Fund. We are also registered in the indoor league from January to March. After indoor games we generally get together for a few drinks at a bar. The Club has complete sets of cricketing gear for use by members.

You may not be chosen as a player for every game, but we would enjoy if you attended games as a supporter, especially in the Summer. It is imperative you are aware the Captain chooses the team and is beyond reproach for selections made. Selections are based on availability and ensuring parity in the number of games played and not skill level.

In March or April each year, we participate in a 6 a side indoor tournament in Brandon. Normally it is two games played on a Saturday. We visit and return on the same day.

Fees are currently $150 plus a $25 Social Levy for a total of $175 (can change at the AGM).

This entitles you to eligibility to all outdoor and indoor games at no additional cost. There are also Associate non-playing members with annual fees of $75 plus a $25 Social Levy.

We are involved in Curling in Winter months at an additional fee depending on the number of games, if interested. The Club also has curling gear for use by members. After Curling games we generally get together for a few drinks.

In September there is a Bar-B-Q at no cost where significant others are included, each member provides a dish of some sort. All drinks at this event is provided by the Club at no cost to members.

Between the Fall and Spring we get to gather at a bar for a beer every second Wednesday. During this time period we occasionally have a poker night at a member’s house on a Friday.

There is an 18 hole golf tournament (June) and a nine hole golf tournament (August) at your own cost.

Our membership is more interested in the joys of the sport as a whole and camaraderie (as some say – the fellowship).One of our major benefits includes members from various countries and all walks of life. Expectations are all fellow members are treated with respect for whom they are and their personal views. In saying that, sledging is very acceptable and very few topics are considered out of bounds. We trust that you will enjoy the Social aspects of this institution that many before us have built over 60 years ago, maintaining the integrity of the Club and membership alike.

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