Bragging Bat game #19 March 18 2018

Bragging Bat #19

Taverners Vs Cosmos

March 18 2018

This was the 10th indoor version of the “friendly” encounters between these 2 sides. The rules just a little different from the regular games. Each team has 8 players who all bat for 5 overs per pair but only 7 can field at any time. Bowlers restricted to 3 overs each & catches can be made off 3 walls but not the bowlers end wall.

Looking at the 2 teams it was obvious that this was a battle between the veterans & the new kids on the block. The ages of any 2 Cosmos players wouldn’t add up to 1 Taverner.

Taverners batted 1st opening with Sid (37) & David (-2), whether by design or not Sid faced most of the bowling & scored fairly freely & David never managed to get his bat to the ball. Total 41 with extras

Next in were skipper Chomo (6) & senior player Chris (10), both having problems getting to the ball or making scoring shots. At the end of their stay the score was 67 thanks to 10 wides.

The 3rd pair Nigel (-4) & Garvin (21) struggled at times with Nigel finding it painful to run. Score after 3 pairs 91

Vasu (39) & Anil (3) rounded out the innings with Vasu managing to claim most of the strike, Anil’s 3 came off just 3 balls. Total 139 that included 29 wides.

The 1 extra fielder & the comparative youth restricted much in the way of running between the wickets.

Cosmos Bowling Manpreet 0 -30, Shalin 1 – 20, Shlok 1 – 29 Saif 3 -24            Ricky 0 -22 Kevin 1 -17 & Viabhav 1 -23

The Cosmos innings opened with Vandit (27) & Manpreet (8) with Vandit facing most of the deliveries & taking the single on ball 6 a few times Total 39 just 2 behind Taverners at this stage.

Next in Shalin (14) & Shlok (6) with Shlok looking real uncomfortable in a helmet which is mandatory for his age when batting, something he did not get much of a chance to do. After 2 pairs Cosmos 63 now 4 runs behind.

Ricki (49) & Skipper Saif (6) came in as the 3rd pair & Ricki dominated the innings with some good shots & no chances. At the end of their innings Cosmos at 121 now 30 runs up & requiring just 19 to win

All the final pair had to do was hit the side walls & not get out but Kevin (19) & Vaibhav (7) managed the 1st quite well but not the 2nd, maybe it was because Chomo had kept Nigel in reserve & he kept the score down but his efforts were not enough as Cosmos ended with a total of 149 with only 13 wides to win by 10 runs.                                                                                                                            Taverners fielding was much more Taverner like for this game after an excellent fielding display in their previous game on Saturday where only easy chances for catches & stops were missed.                                                                                                                                                

Taverner Bowling:- Sid 0 – 21, David 1 -34, Chomo 0 – 28, Garvin 0 -33,         Vasu 2 – 27, Anil 1 for 13, & Nigel 2 – 10 from 2 overs. 

The 2 teams gathered post game at the Cambridge with 3 of the Cosmos lads a little late, claiming the had to gas up the car. From the time it took they must have gone down to Morris. Taverners President Nigel presented the Trophy to Saif with the usual round of congratulations & pictures & with the reminder not to leave it behind at the end of the evening as they had done in the past. Quite a few were still present when time was called in the bar at 7:30. A pleasant afternoon & evening even if Vandit did try his best to kill me at square leg when he was batting

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