March 25, 2018 Indoor Game report VS U-19

Taverners Vs U-19
Taverners batted 1st with Garvin (32) & Nigel (7) not much running as Nigel is still among the walking wounded.
Batting 2nd Sid (31) & David (17) decided that tip & run would be the most effective way of scoring. After 9 run outs I don’t think that they proved their point.
Finishing up the innings were Imdad (41) & Chris (12) they did not go for many runs & were never run out.
With 25 wides Taverners amassed a strong total of 165.
The Under 19’s played with one strong batsman with a weaker player & tried to pick up the single at the end of the over to keep the stronger batsman facing. It worked for some of the time but it meant that the score was restricted. The 1st pair put on 44, the 2nd pair 30 & the final duo 34
Extras 11 with 1 no ball by Garvin bowling with the wrong hand.
U – 19 total 114
Bowling Sid 0 – 19, Garvin 2 – 34, Nigel 1 – 37, David 0 -24, Imdad 4 -18
Post game at the Cambridge where the main topic was the date of the next “practice” at Torque as a few players would be out of town on the original date of the 4th & others out on the 11th. Finally resolved as no change, practice April 4 at Torque

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