May 30, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS

Match Report
Wednesday May 30 2018
Once again we had no scheduled game but Cosmos came through & put a team together for the evening. But the exercise was in vain as by 4:00, despite the forecast of 30% chance of showers, the sky was black & the rain started. It rained heavily around 5:00 & from reports the next morning some 72mm of rain fell on River Heights. Roads were flooded & Pembina highway closed for a few hours as the Jubilee Underpass was full of water.
In compliance with Taverner rules, even though Skipper Hein called the game off, a small collection of stalwarts gathered at the Park for 6:00 PM.
The post game venue was the Emery residence but Chris was at a meeting until around 8:30. Fortunately Philip had the code for the front door so we met again there. Philips burglary skills were not needed as Chris Jnr. was at home gave us access.
Not a particularly good turnout, just 6 Taverners players 1 Cosmos player (Andrew) & 3 support staff. The Prez arrived a little late due to the Pembina disaster in his role as bookie. This time it was the Soccer World Cup being used to tease money out of us.
Nigel gave his learned views on who would do what to who but in the end most of us just used the dart theory to pick.
Even though the hockey game was on TV nobody left the kitchen where we had a round table conference on the MCA’s lack of a schedule for Taverners even though we are now 25% through our season. Karran offered to make our views known to the League Committee.
The meeting broke up with most people leaving before our host returned home.
Despite the small numbers consumption was up for the evening & the pot was $3.00 up on requirements. A $74.00 profit was acquired for the evening.
Better luck next week where it looks like we are playing Lions 2

May 23, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS No Name Brand

Match Report
Taverners Vs. No Name Brand
Wednesday May 23 2018
I picked the name of our opponents because they seemed a motley bunch with a variety of uniform shirts including Lions, Cosmos, Under 19’s a Taverner shirt & a couple of non uniforms.
It was a much better evening weather wise than last week warm, sunny, & little wind.
The No Names batted 1st & looked to have only a few players at the start. Taverners started well with a couple of cheap wickets from Sid to have them 2 for 17. The next wicket didn’t fall till 55 were on the board. The pitch was a bit lively with Sudarshan getting a reasonable length ball to rattle the batsman’s helmet. From then on Taverners bowlers were not successful in keeping the runs down. The batsmen who scored the runs were from Lions according to their uniforms & they didn’t waste much energy running singles, but finding the boundary quite effectively. Martin who pulled up lame early on was picked on frequently as was Karran & any ball past them was 4 whether it reached the boundary or not. Martin was the only out fielder who did not bowl. Ossie took a good low down catch at slip, but that was the extent of the good stuff.
At the end of 20 overs No Names were 135 for 6
Bowlers who took wickets:-
Sid 2 – 10, Karran 2 – 15, Ossie 1 – 19, Daniel 1 – 11
Needing to score 7 an over Taverners started well with Sid (4) from 8 overs & Garvin doing the scoring. after Sid was bowled Nigel (0) came to the wicket very briefly followed by Sudarshan (2) who was caught in 2 minds whether to go for a 4 or 6 dollied one up to mid wicket. From there on apart from Garvin with 55 & wides with 23 the next highest scorer was Martin with 8. The game petered out with Taverners 33 runs short.
Post game was at Nigel’s with a couple of players M.I.A. Nigel did us proud with Hot Dogs & chips but again the beer consumption was below average. Fortunately the money in the pot was a couple of bucks more than required. I guess the little math lecture prior to the evening struck home.
Another game on Wednesday but for now the forecast is a little miserable. Maybe by then the forecast will change & we may know who it is we will be playing.

May 16, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS Cosmos

Match Report
Taverners Vs. Cosmos
May 16 2018
It was a sunny but windy & cool evening for the 1st game of the season. As we had a surplus of players skipper Hein stood down & let Sid run the show.
Cosmos with a mixture of players but leaning toward their Premier side batted 1st with Mikhal & Monty but they only made 12 before David struck getting Mikhal LBW. Next to go was Monty bowled by Sudarshan, but that was the end of the cheap wickets. Shalin retired with 29 & Sunny after some big hits & some mis-timed shots was bowled just before he could retire with 42. Tezi, Manoj & Maninder kept the score ticking over till the last over produced just 4 to give Cosmos 164 for 5.
Bowlers that took wickets:-
Su 1 – 14, David 1 – 11, Andrew 1 – 14, Karran 1 -23, Ozzie 1 – 14
Sudarshan showed us that he had been very observant last year & had learned to field like a Taverner.
Taverners opened with Imdad & Daniel (0) but Daniel succumbed to his 1st ball caught behind off his glove. Sid (1) next in swung his bat a lot but only connected a couple times before being bowled. Sudarshan (24) joined Imdad & they pushed the score along until Su going for another big hit was bowled.
Philip (4), David (5) stayed for a while & Andrew (3 N.O.) helped Imdad (71 N.O.) take the Taverner score 118 a loss by 46.
Best bowling for Cosmos Sunny 1 -2 & Maninder 2 -6. All 10 fielders bowled
Just as an observation I wonder why with a dozen or more players hanging around in the Pavilion nobody has the sense to update the scoreboard.
Post game was at the Emery residence where there was some kind of shinny game on the TV although I managed to spend the evening in the kitchen so can pass no comment on the spectacle. Despite the apparent importance of that game beer consumption was quite low.
For the next game temperatures are forecast to be close to 30.
An interesting email from Chris timed at 7:15 PM Wednesday asking if I was bringing the beer I saw on Thursday morning  & answered in the affirmative.