June 27, 2018 Outdoor Game report – The Bragging Bat

Match Report
Taverners Vs Cosmos
Bragging Bat
June 27 2018
Hein announced the Taverner team early to give Cosmos a chance to balance their side. The Cosmos team seemed to come from most of their current teams. Taverners just relied on the 11 fit bodies available. A sunny & very warm evening although there was a threat of a thunderstorm that did not materialise.
Cosmos batted first, opening with Ravi & Nilay & made 13 from the 1st over from Su.
Joe M bowled the next over starting with a lobbed ball that went some 4ft over the batsman’s head, but redeemed himself by getting Nilay caught low down by Vasu.
In the 5th over Chomo fresh from his  vacation bowled Ravi for 18 (Cosmos’s highest scorer) then had Vandit trapped for LBW. Cosmos 30 for 3. Chomo struck again in his next over getting Captain Kevin bowled for 2. The next 5 wickets went down very       un-Taverner like to catches, no names listed in the book but Sudarshan took one over his head one handed running backwards, Sid took one with his finger tips at slip & Hein held one low down diving. There was one Taverner like failure to a skied ball & 2 players yelling “mine” & both backing off to let the ball drop between them.
Ricky went after a quick 10, then Maninder fell after holding up an end for 7.
The tail wagged a bit with Anang & Saif getting in double figures but Cosmos could only manage 88 for 9 from the 20 overs.
All the bowlers took wickets & Sid had a wicket maiden
Sudarshan 1 – 18, Joe 2 -21, Chomo 3 – 17, Sid 1 – 13 & David 2 – 19
Taverners opening pair Hein & Sid batted steadily taking few chances putting on 64 for  the 1st wicket with Sid being caught going for a big hit for 28. Hein followed in the next over for 30 at 72 for 2. This had Taverners wondering if previous catastrophic failures were about to return but Vasu (3) & Andrew (12) both not out reached the 89 required in the 15th over. Although Ricky claimed that I should not have called a wide on the last ball “because the batsman didn’t offer a stroke”.
Taverners take the Bragging Bat by 8 wickets.
Post game hosted by Daniel at a friends place.
I arrived to see a sea of faces anxious for a beer, having sat waiting for Chomo who had requested a ride but decided to travel with someone else.
Daniel & his friends put on a lavish supply of food which from all reports was quite delicious, but as my digestive system cannot cope with anything richer than a few chips at that time of night I am unable to confirm.
Quite a large turnout with Cosmos outnumbering Taverners but the beer consumption was low but Goodies across the lane did quite well from the Cosmos youngsters feasting on ice cream.
At around 10:15 I was surprised to find that I was the only non resident there along with Daniel, cleaned up the bottles, checked the “beer pot” to find around $15 excess.
All in all a very pleasant evening.

June 20, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS Eagles 2

Match Report

Taverners Vs. Eagles 2

June 20 2018

This was a far better game than last week played a a very warm evening with little breeze, although the 1st couple of overs seemed like Déjà vu. Imdad & Philip opened with Imdad scoring 1 & then hooking a short ball straight to the hands of square leg. Anil (0) joined Philip & very quickly holed out to a deep fielder. Philip tried to avoid being caught by missing the ball most of the time although he too hit 1 in the air to be caught by a fielder 1 handed falling backwards. The disaster was avoided by a good partnership between Hein (54) & Sid (23) putting on 56 before Sid also holed out. Keith J (17) joined Hein pushing the score along until he ran out of gas & retired. Nigel (7) joined Hein until Hein getting weary in the heat capitulated again to a catch bringing. As it was the last over Hein stayed as a runner until Nigel was stumped to end the innings at 123 aided by 23 wides.

The score book is not much help in charting Eagles batting, except it shows 1 of the openers retiring on 18 as his captain felt the scoring was too slow. The other batsmen scored the runs at a productive pace & the Taverners bowling took wickets at regular intervals until Eagles reached 124 for 5 in the 18th over

Wicket takers Anil 3 for 33 & Sid 1 for 22

Post match activities were at Nigel’s with Hot Dogs on the menu. Much discussion about the early games of the World Cup. It must be that we are all getting older as the party ended by 10:30. Once again there was a small excess in the beer pot.

This Wednesday is Bragging Bat day & the forecast is for continued sunny & warm weather. We can only hope


June 13, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS Lions 2

Match Report
Taverners Vs. Lions 2
June 13 2018
A lovely evening, it was a pity that the cricket didn’t match the weather.
As one of the umpires said at the end of the game “that was just boring”
I agree so I don’t think I will bore the readers with too many of the details.
Taverners batted 1st & were 2 down for nothing. The only batsmen to reach double figures were Daniel with 17 & Nigel with 37. Manny a sub in for Sudarshan sat with his pads on for the whole innings but never got to bat.
Taverners 85 for 7.
Lions 2 opening batsman scored 36 walks before they retired. The next man in was   C & B Nigel first ball
Taverner outfielders each bowled one over in the 1st. 10 then 8 of the 10 bowled 1 more each till Lions passed the Taverner total without expending much effort.
Post game was at Keith J’s place where he served up  a supply of smokies  along with some hot dips & good supply of chips.
We did manage to get quite a large overage in the money pot, due I suspect to Nigel putting money in from his Stanley Cup winnings after most of us had already paid for our beer.
I think the performance on the evening pointed out the need of some additional younger & more mobile players. Taverners had a spell like this back in the 70’s when would bowl players with no real bowling expertise. This caused a number of teams to decide not to bother playing against Taverners because the felt that they would not get a competitive game to give some of their lesser players a good outing. Luckily the executive saw the problem early & made a number of changes, otherwise I am afraid that the Taverners were on their way to extinction at that time
We have a game on Wednesday against ??? as so far we haven’t particularly followed the only schedule I have seen
Post game will be at Nigel’s.
Is it too soon to say “Maybe Next Year will be the Bombers Year”

June 06, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS Blues 2

Match Report
June 6 2018
Taverners Vs Blues 2
Although the new schedule showed we were to play Lions 2 they also had a T20 game scheduled at the same time. Fortunately the League Sec. was able to get a team from his club, Blues to play.
Unfortunately I was only at the Park for the 2nd half of the game so the report is based on the score book which has more stuff missing than is recorded.
Blues batted 1st & amassed a total of 158 for 8 how any batsmen was out is unrecorded & the batsmen’s total scores along with extras only total 122 so where the other runs came from your guess is as good as mine. Runs conceded by the bowlers amount to 151.
Bowlers taking wickets
Vasu 1 -19, Nigel 2 – 20, Andrew 2 – 18, Ossie 1 – 7
Taverners opened with skipper Hein & Vasu. Vasu was out caught for 2 in the 3rd over & Hein was joined by Andrew. Andrew was seeing the ball like a football & proceeded to add runs with ease with Hein in a support role. Hein was eventually caught behind for 17 & the score at 88 for 2. David & Daniel then joined Andrew but did not trouble the scorer both out caught off little lobs to mid wicket. Chris then joined Andrew  & added 4 to become the 3rd highest scorer. He also was out caught.
I think that Nigel then came in as support but the score book shows no reference to that. In the last over Andrew hit a 4 & the Blues concede defeat but someone in the Pavilion said that Taverners were still 3 short. So we reset the wicket & Andrew hit the next 2 balls to score 4 & to bring his total to 118 & Taverners score to 159, a win by 5 wickets although my old fashioned math cannot find more than 153 runs in the book.
Post game was at the Emery residence & getting in was easy, as Chris was there 1st with a good supply of Pizza & chips. Even though this was the Taverners 1st victory of the summer, celebrations were very muted & beer consumption was amongst the lowest on record, but we did have an extra $2.00 in the pot for a total profit on the evening of $43.00, bringing the social fund enhancement to over $200.00 for the summer.
Given the poor consumption by the team after a win I suggest that we concentrate more on imbibing than on winning as wins do not pay for BBQs etc.