June 13, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS Lions 2

Match Report
Taverners Vs. Lions 2
June 13 2018
A lovely evening, it was a pity that the cricket didn’t match the weather.
As one of the umpires said at the end of the game “that was just boring”
I agree so I don’t think I will bore the readers with too many of the details.
Taverners batted 1st & were 2 down for nothing. The only batsmen to reach double figures were Daniel with 17 & Nigel with 37. Manny a sub in for Sudarshan sat with his pads on for the whole innings but never got to bat.
Taverners 85 for 7.
Lions 2 opening batsman scored 36 walks before they retired. The next man in was   C & B Nigel first ball
Taverner outfielders each bowled one over in the 1st. 10 then 8 of the 10 bowled 1 more each till Lions passed the Taverner total without expending much effort.
Post game was at Keith J’s place where he served up  a supply of smokies  along with some hot dips & good supply of chips.
We did manage to get quite a large overage in the money pot, due I suspect to Nigel putting money in from his Stanley Cup winnings after most of us had already paid for our beer.
I think the performance on the evening pointed out the need of some additional younger & more mobile players. Taverners had a spell like this back in the 70’s when would bowl players with no real bowling expertise. This caused a number of teams to decide not to bother playing against Taverners because the felt that they would not get a competitive game to give some of their lesser players a good outing. Luckily the executive saw the problem early & made a number of changes, otherwise I am afraid that the Taverners were on their way to extinction at that time
We have a game on Wednesday against ??? as so far we haven’t particularly followed the only schedule I have seen
Post game will be at Nigel’s.
Is it too soon to say “Maybe Next Year will be the Bombers Year”

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