June 20, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS Eagles 2

Match Report

Taverners Vs. Eagles 2

June 20 2018

This was a far better game than last week played a a very warm evening with little breeze, although the 1st couple of overs seemed like Déjà vu. Imdad & Philip opened with Imdad scoring 1 & then hooking a short ball straight to the hands of square leg. Anil (0) joined Philip & very quickly holed out to a deep fielder. Philip tried to avoid being caught by missing the ball most of the time although he too hit 1 in the air to be caught by a fielder 1 handed falling backwards. The disaster was avoided by a good partnership between Hein (54) & Sid (23) putting on 56 before Sid also holed out. Keith J (17) joined Hein pushing the score along until he ran out of gas & retired. Nigel (7) joined Hein until Hein getting weary in the heat capitulated again to a catch bringing. As it was the last over Hein stayed as a runner until Nigel was stumped to end the innings at 123 aided by 23 wides.

The score book is not much help in charting Eagles batting, except it shows 1 of the openers retiring on 18 as his captain felt the scoring was too slow. The other batsmen scored the runs at a productive pace & the Taverners bowling took wickets at regular intervals until Eagles reached 124 for 5 in the 18th over

Wicket takers Anil 3 for 33 & Sid 1 for 22

Post match activities were at Nigel’s with Hot Dogs on the menu. Much discussion about the early games of the World Cup. It must be that we are all getting older as the party ended by 10:30. Once again there was a small excess in the beer pot.

This Wednesday is Bragging Bat day & the forecast is for continued sunny & warm weather. We can only hope


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