July 04, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS Five Rivers

DSCN2962Match Report
Taverners CC VS Five Rivers
July 4 2018
Once again we were blessed with a perfect evening for cricket except thankfully the wind was quite strong tempering the 30+ heat.
As the were only 5 or so players from 5 Rivers in attendance at game time, Captain Sid put them in to bat. They started off at a great pace scoring runs quite freely hitting hard & taking quick runs. The opening pair put on 35 for the 1st wicket in 3 overs before #2 was run out. But that didn’t slow them down with #1 batsman going on to make 68 before being run out. I have no idea of the sequence of the fall of wickets as it is not in the score book. As we got down to the lower order batsmen the bowlers had more success but the surprise was Garvin bowling left arm as his right shoulder is shot took 3 for 28 in 3 overs.
5 rivers batted out the 20 overs finishing at 156 for 9
Other Bowlers taking wickets;- Sid 1 – 12, Sudarshan 1 – 20, Andrew 1 – 16
Taverners openers Vasu (15) & Andrew (11) started slowly but picked up the pace but Vasu was out to a magnificent 1 handed catch at cover.  Chomo (7) & Sid (2) proceeded to run themselves out. From then on it was only Garvin (44) & Sudarshan (10) who reached double figures with the innings ending 2 balls short of 20 overs at 111 for 9. A loss by 45.
There was some criticism about my not calling a no ball for a delivery above the waist. I decided that as the bowler was playing his 1st game & was not intimidating the batsman & the fact that I had given him out LBW 1st ball he didn’t need further humiliation. It was suggested that all above the waist deliveries should be called as they can be dangerous but as the umpire cannot call no ball until the ball reaches the batsmen a call will not make the ball less dangerous.
Post match gathering was at Sid’s where there was an ample supply of real post match food(chips). Plus a secret bottle of some distilled sugar cane juice lurking in the garage, which kept the beer consumption down to our 2018 season low average.

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