July 18, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS AICC

Match Report
Taverners Vs. AICC
July 18 2018
Old Farts Revenge
Another fine & hot sunny evening that started off with what we informed the opposition was a pre game tea ceremony, but it was in fact watering the stumps so that they would stay upright when we were batting.
AICC won the toss & elected to bat, Andy was looking for a quick score & drove one a long distance unfortunately for him it was mostly up & down into Imdad’s hands. The next 2 batsmen took no mercy on David & pushed the score along quickly but the  #3 batsmen followed Andy’s efforts high to Vasu, again off of Sid. This slowed the run rate aided by 2 change bowlers Chomo & Vasu. Chomo held on to a very good caught & bowled. The next bowling change brought on Karran & Daniel. Daniel took advantage of the batsman looking for quick runs having 1 caught in his 1st over by Vasu & then 2 wickets in 2 balls an LBW & a catch by Imdad. The final bowling change saw Ossie getting the #2 batsman stumped chasing runs & the bowling to a 12 year old.
Keith wondered if this was some kind of record, the age difference between batsman & bowler of 66 years.
Imdad then wrapped up the innings taking the final 2 wickets.
AICC all out for 89 runs.
Bowlers taking wickets:-
Sid 2 – 8, Chomo 1 – 8, Daniel 3 – 11, Karran 1 – 13, Ozzie 1 – 6, Imdad 2 – 1
Catches 3 or 4 by Vasu (score book unreliable) Imdad 2 Chomo 1
Taverners innings is easy to report, Sid not out 48 & Imdad not out 34, with 11 extras   93 for no wicket
A Taverners victory by 10 wickets
Maybe AICC will be more circumspect in future when referring to Taverners on Facebook as being “Old Farts”
Post match gathering was at Karl’s & for some reason we all arrived before he did. He must have got lost.
A great serving of Doubles that even I could not pass up.
Whether it was the heat or our margin of victory something caused the largest consumption of beer so far this year.

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