July 25, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS Five Rivers

Match Report
Taverners Vs. Five Rivers
July 25 2018
With an afternoon of rain & showers most of us did not expect the pitch to be in a playable condition. However when I got the Park I was able to walk to the wicket in sandals & end up with my feet completely dry. Contrary to some rumours I cannot walk on water. Apart from a small patch of dampness at the edge of the bowlers run up the pitch was totally playable.
That was the good news for the evening.
Five Rivers decided to bat & Taverners were 2 short, the 2 youngest members of the squad Andrew & Vasu were AWOL.
Maybe this is the time to remind members of Rule 2 of 2. “Players will be at the Park by 5:45 unless the skipper informs them that the game is OFF, regardless of the weather.
Because of the cloud it was decided that it would not be possible to complete 20 overs each so the umpires settled on 15 each.
Despite only facing 9 fielders 5 Rivers were not able to push the score along briskly possibly due to the long grass outfield. Chomo claimed the 1st wicket via a good catch by Hein & then a 2nd having the #3 plumb LBW. The next wicket took a while until Daniel bowled the opener who had scored the bulk of the runs. Hein claimed the next wicket, bowled & a little later Martin took the last wicket also bowled. Five Rivers then batted out the remaining couple of overs to score 112 for 5 in the 15 overs. Somewhere late on in the innings Andrew arrived.
Bowlers taking wickets:-
Chomo 2 – 21, Daniel 1 – 11, Hein 1 – 21, Martin 1 – 16
Taverners batting started off as a bit of a disaster with both openers Hein & Daniel being bowled for 0. David looked as though he was going to change our fortunes until he was caught for 3. This brought together the speedy duo of Ossie & Martin with plenty of useless encouragement from the Pavilion the runs came at a snails pace so that after 10 overs we were at 29. At this point Ossie was out LBW for 8 & Martin, nursing a sore shoulder from I don’t know where, retired hurt on 6. All of the runs at this point came as singles or extras.
Philip (7) & Chomo (6) then took up the impossible run chase needing 80 from the remaining 5 overs. Keith (4) & Ray (1) rounded out our scoring at 50 all out. .
The only source of double figures was extras with 15
A loss by 62
Post match gathering was again at Karl’s where the hungry lads feasted on a Chicken Curry or Curry Chicken I can never tell the difference.
When I saw the team listing I forecasted to myself that we would consume 21 beers & the group must have read my mind because at the end of the evening that was correct.
Just 2 more games left, it is surprising how quick the season comes to a close.

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