Larry Unrau Golf Tournament (par 3) 2018

Thanks to all participants at the game.

We had a very good evening for the event once again.

Special thanks to our host Martin & Linda Dabee, also

Jon Page for the supply of his exceptional brews.

Results as follows;


  1. Karran Bayney                   27           Winner & defending champion.  
  2. Garvin Bhuddoo                31
  3. Philip Munro-Smith           32           (On count back)
  4. Anil Kaul                             32
  5. Keith James                       33
  6. Karl Jaikaransingh             35
  7. Joe Marrast                        36           (on count back)
  8. Andrew Amsden                36           (on count back)
  9. David Hakes                       36          
  10. Chomo Vanderwert           37            (on count back)
  11. Chris Emery                        37
  12. Georges                              38
  13. Ray Kohanik                        40
  14. Rezleigh Vanderwert         41
  15. Danile Bispham                  46
  16. Joe Sylvester                     48  


Congratulations to the winner and defending champion Karran Bayney.


Karl Jaikaransingh


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