October 23, 2018 Curling Report

This is not “Fake News”
Taverners curlers are now 3 & 0 & I think 1 of 2 with no losses. That will change next Tuesday as we are drawn against the other team with 3 wins.
I was not asked to write this till we were long off the ice & I didn’t pay much attention to the scores.
The game started with us with 4 players & the others with 2 so after a short discussion I joined the opposition to play 3 on 3. After I had thrown the opening 3 rocks for the others their #3 player arrived so I switched back.
It was agreed that Nigel would be 2nd, Keith 3rd but would hold the broom & Ray throw skip rocks, somehow that went out of the window & Keith was #4.
How we got there I don’t recall but I think at the end of 3 we were 5 -1 up.
The other team was having a bad day with what looked like real good shots going astray & giving us a point.
At the end of 4 their skip threw a strange shot, we were thinking he would draw for 1 except he threw at our stones out front. when I asked him after what he intended he said he wanted to raise our stones in & go drink beer. So even though he missed we shook hands & went for a libation.
I am sure knowing our next opponents that wont happen again.
No “practice” next week so come & watch the tussle for the top.
Tuesday 4:30 start

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