Jan 12th, 2019 Indoor Game report VS U19

Match Report

Taverners CC Vs U19’s

Saturday Jan 12 2019

Fairly mild but cloudy day. Don’t like these Saturday games as there is no parking along Osborne at game time.

Taverners batted 1st opening with Sid (39) & Chomo I missed the action as I was stocking up on brewing supplies but so were a few others. Chomo tells me that the opening pair was brilliant & I think the 50 total goes someway to confirm that.

2nd pair Nigel (10) & David (26) took a little while to get revved up but by the 6th over they were in their stride & a hit from Nigel nearly laid waste the last pair. So after 2 pairs Taverners were on 86.

The final Pair Martin (13) & Imdad (18) rounded out the score with the 22 wides at 139. Although he had not played for over a year Martin made some nice clips to the side wall.

The U19’s batted with one of their better players batting with a weaker batsman in each pair but still the opening pair only managed 16 runs from their 6 overs. Chomo pulled rank & bowled the opening over.

The 2nd pair picked up the pace with the “weaker” batsman (18) picking up almost the same number of runs as his partner (22) despite looking quite uncomfortable with his helmet sliding around on his head. They did manage not to lose a wicket But with only 56 runs from the 2 pairs they were behind the 8 ball. The only incident of note was a diving stop by Nigel where he almost impaled himself on the square leg umpires bench.

The final pair put on 30 despite Sid doing his PMS bowling imitation.

U19’s total 93 a win for the Taverners by 46

A tidy performance behind the stumps from Martin.


Chomo 0 – 24, Sid 0 – 24, David 1 – 18, Imdad 2 – 18, Nigel 3 – 23

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