Jan 26th, 2019 Indoor Game report VS Rising Stars

Match Report

Taverners CC Vs Rising Stars

Sat Jan 26th 2019

Game almost didn’t start as there was some controversy from the umpire about the Rising Stars & the lack of Uniforms. A call to Ron Dipchand resolved the issue.

The Rising Stars batted 1st with a little confusion to your reporter as 5 of the 6 batsmen were named Patel. The 1st pair batted well & took quite a few “singles” but suffered a good run out by Anil throwing down the wicket from the side. But the pair did manage to acquire 49 runs.

The 2nd pair but with only 1 Patel continued the fine start in the same way picking up a total of 48.

The last pair were a little more subdued just picking up 20. Aided by 13 wides the Rising Stars ended with a reachable 130 runs

Bowling:- Chomo 2 – 32, Sid 3 – 15, Anil 0 – 33, Andrew 0 – 39, Daniel 0 – 27.

Wicket Keeper Martin missing in action for the 1st couple of over produce an improved performance thanks to wearing a helmet.

Taverners batting facing the task of scoring a little over 7 an over never really got within striking distance despite being gifted with 28 wides & 3 no balls for pelting. A lot of big hits for no runs including a couple of lost balls on top of the lights & the ceiling of the change room.

1st pair Sid (25) & Chomo (5) were marginally the most productive but Sid was suffering after a meeting with an old rugby friend.

2nd pair Andrew (27) & Daniel (-2) need to get their communications settled around the quick single at the end of an over.

3rd pair Anil (24) & Martin (3) recalled an Ashwell saying when they were running, “Taverners are like a herd of turtles”.

David as square leg umpire had a rush of officialdom & called one bowler 3 times for chucking which resulted in the bowler being taken off. There was certainly no disputing the call as the bowling arm was bent at least 30 degrees where the allowable is 15

Taverner final total 113 a loss by 17

The usual post game was at the “bridge”, but poor old Sid just couldn’t make it. Two days in a row is now getting beyond him.

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