Feb 23rd, 2019 Indoor Game report VS Punjab Wakrroprs

Match Report

Taverners CC Vs Punjab Warriors

Saturday February 23rd

A day that felt like the 1st day of spring even if it was only -10 but a complete contrast to the past few weeks, was a good day for cricket.

Taverners batted 1st with what looks like on paper a lop sided pair with Sid (63) & Chris (2). Looking at the score sheet Chris only apparently only faced 3 balls. The pair were gifted a goodly number of wides. I saw one over where Sid faced 7 consecutive wide balls, with the pair ending up with 87.

After 1 over the 2nd pair had brought the total to 83 but David (15) & Chomo (14) then set about scoring a few runs but the bowlers contributed fewer wides the pair taking the score to 131.

The final pair of Garvin (31) & Daniel (14) looked set to take the total over 200 until Garvin decided to attack the ceiling, but they did reach 189. This score was aided by 47 extras.

The Punjab Warriors were unlucky to come up against a Taverner side on top of its fielding form with Daniel diving around like a 10 year old, Sid getting some part of his body in the way of well hit shots & Chris keeping the batsmen honest with some great keeping. In fact one of the last pair after having good potential 4 shots stopped by Sid & then having the bowlers end stumps stopping the next one, remarked “I can hit everything except the back wall”.

The 1st pair put on 35 the 2nd pair amassed 38 & the final pair reached 37 for a total of 110 of which 23 were wides with Sid gifting 10. A victory by 79 runs.


Sid 2 – 18, David 4 – 27, Garvin 0 -35, Chomo 1 – 20 & Daniel 0 – 24

Post game as usual at the Bridge with one of the topics being where to go with the bus during the Tour. It seems that a return to Bath is a near certainty & the 4 town trip down the coast also rating highly.

What I couldn’t understand is why we were subjected to this late evening drinking when Umpire Baney is swanning around in Phoenix. It was a good job that he wasn’t there as our barmaid had a particularly tight sweater. I am afraid we might not have been able to restrain him


Feb 16th, 2019 Indoor Game report VS Winnipeg Super Kings II

Match Report

Taverners CC Vs Kings #2

Sat. February 16 2018

Due to traffic build up because of the Jubilee Underpass being closed I missed most of the 1st innings where apparently Martin was the hero of the day.

The Kings batted 1st the opening pair managed just 19 runs I guess thanks to Martin’s tight bowling. The 2nd pair improved slightly putting on 24 & the 3rd pair with a few suicidal runs & a lot of noisy calls added 34. Taverners bowlers just contributed 5 extras for a total of 82. I think that Martin should be thankful that David was not the square leg umpire.

With the Taverners batsmen just needing 28 per pair or 4 to 5 an over Captain Sid later explained his batting order as strategic. Opening pair of Daniel (1) & Martin (12) were at one time 4 from 3 overs but they were lucky in having a final bowler who to be kind lacked experience so with 8 extras they finished with 21.

The next pair of Sid (52) & Anil mostly just watching (6) with 7 extras took the score over the line at 87. All Imdad (19) & Garvin (20) had to do was not get out which they achieved quite easily so that Taverners ended up, aided by 23 extras at 133 a 51 run victory.

Post game as usual was at the ‘Bridge which probably because of the road closure & no wake was not very busy. Conversations ranged over a variety of topics none really important except this coming Fridays Poker night which is required so that Imdad can finish paying his fees. Umpire Baney had to be restrained at times to prevent him doing something silly with the Barmaid. Jets were on the TV scoring short handed goals but they didn’t manage to have enough penalties to score the winning goal.

Don’t forget that Wednesday the 20th is practice night at the Heights & maybe team selection meeting for next week.


Feb 09th, 2019 Indoor Game report VS Winnipeg Warriors

Taverners Vs Winnipeg Warriors

Feb 09th, 2019

The Taverner’s skipper won the toss. While the Taverner’s skipper was deciding what to do, the umpire counted down from 3 to 1 and ask the Winnipeg Warriors skipper what he would like to do. The Winnipeg Warriors skipper said that they would bowl first. The Taverner’s skipper  had no clue what happened.
So the Taverner’s battered first. All three pairs of the Taverner’s batted well with some good running between the wickets and with very few outs. Haven’t seen the Taverner’s bat like this for a long time.
Roberts, Sid                 34 runs
Emery, Chris                07 runs
Vanderwert, Chomo     19 runs
Kaul, Anil                      32 runs
Budhoo, Garvin            27 runs
Amsden, Andrew          24 runs
Extras                           26 runs
Total                              169 runs
The Winnipeg Warriors scored a total of 131runs.
Taverner’s bowling.
Roberts, Sid                 04 overs  – 02 wickets for 29 runs
Vanderwert, Chomo     02 overs  – 01 wicket for 22 runs
Kaul, Anil                      04 overs  – 01 wicket for 41 runs
Budhoo, Garvin            04 overs  – 03 wickets for 37 runs
Amsden, Andrew          04 overs  – 01 wicket for 24 runs
A very well deserved 38 runs victory for the Taverner’s.
We all hoped that the birthday boy, Mr Jon Page will show up for the game as usual. After the game we thought he might show up at the bar, but he was a no show. Imadad Ali showed up at the bar hopping to celebrate Jon’s birthday. We all did a toast for Jon’s and Ali’s (birthday was the next day) birthdays. Happy 80th birthday Jon and Happy 50th birthday Ali.

Feb 02nd, 2019 Indoor Game report VS Five Rivers

Taverners Vs Five Rivers

Feb 2nd, 2019

Game started on time with 5 on 5. Five Rivers played without a keeper for the 1st couple of overs which allowed Taverners opening pair to take some quick singles. Sid (38) & Nigel (11) put on 49 plus a few extras for the opening pair.

Next up were late arrival Daniel (5) & David (18) both having some difficulty with the good swing bowling from Five Rivers bowlers. David in patches very good but in others returning to his old form.

Last pair Chomo (9) & Martin (9) started well pushing the ball into the corners evading the fielders. After 2 overs they had amassed 21 runs but then things fell apart with lobbed up catches, shots to the ceiling & plain misses so that after 4 overs their score was 16 with extras & ended up with 18 plus extras for a final Taverner total with 13 extras of 103.

Five Rivers saw the benefit of taking singles & pushed their score along at a quick pace, the opening pair ended with 48 runs. What could have been a nasty incident but that ended well one of the opening batsmen cut at a ball & it caught him in the mouth, fortunately after a short break he was able to continue.

By the end of the innings of the second pair the game was virtually over as the had scored 47 & with the extras were within 2 runs of victory.

The 3rd pair not to be outdone & having no pressure scored 46 & with the 15 extras Five Rivers total was 156 for a 53 run win.

Post game was at the “Bridge” with some discussion about the tour & bussing plus we watched the Jets score 6 goals in the 1st period of their game.