Feb 02nd, 2019 Indoor Game report VS Five Rivers

Taverners Vs Five Rivers

Feb 2nd, 2019

Game started on time with 5 on 5. Five Rivers played without a keeper for the 1st couple of overs which allowed Taverners opening pair to take some quick singles. Sid (38) & Nigel (11) put on 49 plus a few extras for the opening pair.

Next up were late arrival Daniel (5) & David (18) both having some difficulty with the good swing bowling from Five Rivers bowlers. David in patches very good but in others returning to his old form.

Last pair Chomo (9) & Martin (9) started well pushing the ball into the corners evading the fielders. After 2 overs they had amassed 21 runs but then things fell apart with lobbed up catches, shots to the ceiling & plain misses so that after 4 overs their score was 16 with extras & ended up with 18 plus extras for a final Taverner total with 13 extras of 103.

Five Rivers saw the benefit of taking singles & pushed their score along at a quick pace, the opening pair ended with 48 runs. What could have been a nasty incident but that ended well one of the opening batsmen cut at a ball & it caught him in the mouth, fortunately after a short break he was able to continue.

By the end of the innings of the second pair the game was virtually over as the had scored 47 & with the extras were within 2 runs of victory.

The 3rd pair not to be outdone & having no pressure scored 46 & with the 15 extras Five Rivers total was 156 for a 53 run win.

Post game was at the “Bridge” with some discussion about the tour & bussing plus we watched the Jets score 6 goals in the 1st period of their game.


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