March 09th, 2019 Indoor Game report VS Super Kings I

Match Report

Taverners Vs. Wpg. Super Kings I

Saturday March 9

Taverners batted 1st with Sid (53) & Chris (6) with Sid taking most of the strike. They took just a couple of singles putting on 53 plus extras for the 1st pair.

The second pair of Anil (40) & Martin (-1) continued with similar tactics but taking the single at the end of the over did cost a few run outs but also gave us the incident of the day. Martin as the non striker set off for the single & Anil started late & the fielder threw the ball to the bowler who bobbled the catch allowing Anil to get in. Meanwhile Martin galloping like a senile sloth was only halfway down. The bowler then throws to the keeper with Martin still yards short. The keeper grabs at the ball & shatters the stumps unfortunately he dropped the ball allowing Martin to eventually get in. The pair putting on 39 with extras.

The final pair stayed away from the histrionics with David (12) & Andrew (27) also added 39. David did play his regular straight drive to the roof.

With 18 extras Taverers scored 149.

The Super Kings needed 50 per pair for the win. With some tight bowling from each of the bowlers & some good catches by Sid & a number of foot stops the 1st pair was restricted to just 17 with a couple of extras.

The other 2 pairs managed more respectable totals of 36 & 37. With the 10 extras they finished up with 100.

A win for the Taverners by 49.


Sid 1 – 26, David 3 – 27, Andrew 2 – 20, Anil 2 – 21, Martin 0 – 28.

A very well played game by both sides & none of the arguing that has spoiled some other games.

The usual post game at the ‘Bridge but with Sid on some slimming binge drinking near beer had the usual range of discussions including 1 from Karran comparing umpiring in a church hall being similar to a Test match, which left most of us scratching our heads. Maybe the closeness of our waitress addled his mind.

Only 2 more indoor games left. The Bragging Bat on March 31 & a final game on April 7th.

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