March 31th, 2019 Indoor Game Report (The Bragging Bat)

Match Report

Bragging Bat

Taverners CC Vs. Cosmos

March 31 2019

I had not contemplated writing this report so I did not pay much attention to the activities on the field of play. From what I understand this was a game between a group of young players (under30) who practice hard a few times a week & a group of over 50’s who practice 1 day every other week at one of the local hostelries. As I said I spent a lot of my time at the game socialising so what follows is mostly fiction based on possible facts of the scoresheet.

Taverners batted 1st with Andrew (19) & Nigel (4), while I was outside gathering some Vitamin D, for a team score of 23 plus extras. The next pair Anil (12) & Chomo (14) were robbed by Chomo being given out to a ball that bounced up to the ceiling, seen by everyone but the umpire, Pair #3 Imdad (26) & Martin (0) dismayed the crowd as Martin decided not to “run” The final pair Garvin (26) & Chris (7) brought the Taverner total with extras (12) to a nice round 120.

Cosmos Bowling:-

Vibhav 2 – 20, Ikram 0 – 18, Punit 1 – 14, Ricky 3 – 22, Shlok 1 – 19, Saif 1 – 18 & Darji 0 – 25

Cosmos were thus tasked with scoring 30 per pair +1 for victory.

Opening pair Ricky (24) & Saif (6) kept the run rate above the requirement with extras.

The next pair who looked to be the junior pair Darji (19) & Punit (5) were a little below the requirement but with extras still on target. Next up Vibhav (11) & Ikram (18) took the score close to victory. All that remained was for Aaquif (25) & Shlok (12) basically not get out. With the 26 extras Cosmos were at 145 a victory by 25 runs,

Taverner bowling:-

Andrew 0- 25, Anil 0 – 28, Garvin 1 – 15, Imdad 2 – 38, Chomo 1 – 24, Martin 1 – 14 & Nigel 2 -11.

Appologies for any mis-spelling of names as they are copied direct from the scoresheet.

From what saw of the game the victory came from somewhat better fielding & keeping the ball on the wickets i.e. few wides by the Cosmos players.

The game was played in the usual sportsman like manner with just a few expletives (well deserved) directed at the umpire.

I think Taverners can be satisfied with the result as they were giving up an average of 30 years each to the Cosmos team. Plus once the final pair had given their team enough for victory the fielders eased off on their concentration so they were able to score freely.

After the game the teams gathered at our usual watering hole for the presentation of the Bragging Bat which now has no more room for adding winners names. Taverners stated when presenting the bat that it was just “a temporary loan”


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