June 12, 2019 Outdoor Game report VS Cosmos

Match Report

Taverners Vs Cosmos

Bragging Bat

June 12 2019

This report will contain about the same level of facts & fiction as a Trump tweet.

I was only present for a portion of the game & not paying much attention even then, plus I have no access to the scorebook.

I assume Cosmos won the toss & elected to bat & it was obvious that they were not going to allow a similar result as last summer as they had stacked the side with some heavy hitters. Monty the premier team captain was forced to retire by Ray after scoring 100. Only 4 other batsmen were involved with Shalin getting13 & S.Lubama 18 & B.Singh 42 bringing their total to 202

Taverner bowling:-

Anil 0 – 30, Mark 0 – 18, Karren 1 – 27, David 1- 25, Sid 1 – 20, Andrew 0 – 16

Sudarshin 0 – 20 & Nigel 0 -24.

Taverners batting was a little better than their bowling with Hein opening his tally for the summer with a well played 32, Andrew picked up 26 & Martin collected 12 not out. No other Taverner reached double figures.

By the end of the game Taverners had a number of walking (with difficulty) wounded David & Anil both hobbling & Chomo sitting on the sidelines spreading his ailment. Philip snuck in & batted for David & made 1 which was better than some others who had been selected, rounding out Taverners score at 103.

At least it kept the loss down to double figures

On the sidelines during the innings we discovered that Chomo had no idea who his Vice Captain is (David) & had spent time earlier discussing tactics & selection with Sid.

Post game was by tradition at Nigel’s for a mini BBQ where the Bragging Bat & some kind but more insults were exchanged.

Quite a large turnout that I estimated at around 30.


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