Tour 2019 Day 12: Barnstaple & Pilton

Tour Day 12 Barnstaple & Pilton Thursday July 11

This was our second last game & we knew we had a very early start on Saturday so the morning was spent by some with a walk around town & others making a start on the packing. Ray & Terry had decided against the 1:30 AM wakeup call on Saturday & took off by train to spend a day in London

The afternoon game was scheduled for 4:00 & the bus pick up was for 3:00 the ground was only about 10 minutes away but it was afternoon rush hour so it took a little longer

The game was originally scheduled for 30 overs but with the Taverners carrying far too many injuries we managed to negotiate down to 25.

Another large ground & even though it was still in Barnstaple it was surrounded by hills & greenery.

Barnstaple batted 1st but our score book doesn’t seem to have been used until the 15th over & the only bowlers names listed were Joe #1 & Ossie #4. But as umpire I do remember the score moving along quite briskly with the 1st wicket putting on 55 & the 2nd adding 24. By the time the 15 over is recorded Barnstaple are105 for 4. The score slowed at this point & at over 20 they were 130 for 7. One of the bats(men) in this sequence was a young lady who looked quite comfortable & playing nice strokes but she was bowled before she was settled. Then batsmen 6 & 10 pushed the score along to be 166 for 8 after the allotted 25 overs.

Taverners were set to score at better than 6 an over with David & John opening the innings. The one surprise is that the young lady was the opening bowler bowling quite quick on a good length but her direction was a little wayward. Even so we were through over 4 before we passed the 6 mark. But then the scoring picked up so that by over 14 we were at 80 but then David was bowled. A couple of overs later John was stumped I think voluntarily as he was in pain from sore hamstrings. 90 for 2. From that point the innings slipped downhill, Garvin N.O. 14, Karran bowled 5, Roy LBW 15, Nigel LBW 4 & Errol N.O. 5 could not close the gap quickly enough so that after 25 overs Taverners were 154 for 6 just 12 runs short. In old Taverner terms a moral victory.

The teams adjourned to the pavilion for tea & a couple of rounds of beer with the usual presentations with Captain Chomo on the receiving end of the Rubber Duckie. As the bus driver had headed home, we gave him a call to pick us up but that left plenty of time to socialize with the opposition.

The usual format of the late-night entertainment was underway in the back room But I quit & went to bed


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