Jan 05th, 2020 Indoor Game report VS AICC

Taverners Vs AICC

Sunday Jan 5 2020

I missed the 1st few overs of the game but it was obvious when I arrived that it was a typical Taverner/AICC encounter with plenty of “chat” from both sides. For some reason that I never discovered Chomo dropped himself & played “gimpy” David who could only progress around the pitch at a sort of penguin waddle.

Taverners batted first with Anil (27) & Andrew (25) & with extras the pair put on 56.Next up were Sid (50) & David (4) who managed to put on 55 David managed a quick waddle on the 5th or final ball of each over to keep Sid on strike.The final pair Imdad (41) & Martin (0) added 49 to the total with Martin playing the same role as David but at a slightly slower pace. He was advised at one point that he should start running on the 5th ball to ensure getting in before the end of the over.

Taverners total 160

AICC started well with their openers hitting the ball very hard but unfortunately too often straight at a fielder or a little too high after 4 or so overs the new ball was hit too high & ended up on the ceiling from where we couldn’t retrieve it. The only substitute available was an older & softer ball that they could not hit so hard. Both batsmen scored 17 to end with a total of 36.Next pair & I can’t decipher any of the names was dominated by 1 player scoring a fine 48 & his partner -2 for a total of 48 This left 74 for the last pair to get the win.Andy tried but could only get 23 & his partner 9 for a total of 33.

AICC total 119

Taverners win by 41

Bowling: Sid 2 – 26, Andrew 1 – 22, Martin 1 -28, Imdad 1 – 35, Anil 0 – 24

Post game festivities were as usual at the Cambridge where the skipper earned extra Kudos by getting the glasses & the beer but we in the end denied him a tip. Anil announced that his temporary retirement has come to an end & he will be returning to his drug running activities on Monday, again involving a lot of travel.



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