Feb 15th, 2020 Indoor Game report VS Super Kings 1

I feel it important to preface this report with something my dear parents told me when i was growing up – “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything” – so this report will be tempered somewhat. And as online correspondence can be leaked (see US, French or English politics) i do not want any individuals to be publicly maligned or shamed over obvious discriminatory team selection decisions.

Where to start? Well, I guess team selection is as good a place as any.

Following the advice of, I believe, an ex captain the team was selected based on nationality or place of birth  – one player each from NZ (Sid), England (David), Malaysia (Chris), Sri Lanka (Chomo), Guyana (Garvin) & Buxton (“I’m fucking tough” – Martin). Some controversy in selection was the fact that one ‘deadwood’ who had flown 13,000 miles, made himself available for selection and was ignominiously ignored by the selector. This was made abundantly clear when, after at least 6 (the # required to field a team) had answered the original selection call a plaintive plea was sent out, by the selector, for another player. This club member, being a Canadian citizen, also would have qualified under the nationality rules. Despite what Mr Roberts asserted, post game,  that said ignored player wasn’t like an elephant and would soon forget this slight – rest assured he will remember!
Now, the game…unsure of who won the toss but Taverners batted first after getting the umpire to stop his batting practice 10 mins after the official start time.
Sid & Chris got the innings off to a good start with a total of 63 with Sid 57, Chris -1. Good running on the 6th ball ensured that Sid saw the bulk of the bowling.
Next up were Chomo & David who put on a total of 36 – Chomo 27 & David 6 both sharing the strike.
Garvin 30 & Martin 11 added 39 to the score to leave Taverners with a total score of 138. Would this be enough?
Despite some wayward bowling from the captain and David the first pair were held to 48 runs.
The next pair made it obvious from the start that they were going to be running and eventually ended up with 63 runs. I believe it was during this pairs innings that David, from the back wall, threw down the wicket at the other end for a runout. A fine piece of fielding even if he could’ve walked in and runout the batsman at the bowlers end much easier…
The last pair came to the wicket needing 28 to win. A maiden over from Sid added some pressure to them. Finally, Chomo bowled an over with single digits to keep the pressure on. I wasn’t really paying attention to how many needed in last over but it fell to David to try and get a couple of wickets early from the last over…instead 2 deadballs – 1 heading straight to sidewall, the other very close to it and 9 runs from the over saw the last pair end up with 34 and team score of 145…a win by 7 runs.
A few misfields, a couple of errant balls and an inability for running between wickets when batting were the difference. What may – and I emphasize may – have made the difference when batting was having deadwood that can run like a gazelle in the batting lineup. But we will never know.
Sid, 4 overs, 27 runs, 0 wkts
Chomo – 4 overs, 42 runs, 0 wkts
Garvin – 4 overs, 30 runs, 1 wkt
David – 2 overs, 27 runs, 0 wkts
Martin – 4 overs, 35 runs, 2 wkts
A good turnout at Cambridge with all players and 2 deadwoods in attendance.
As per usual the conversation ranged from do you wear underwear or go commando when wearing elephant pants from Thailand -the news of sex robots with AI, team selection, masters rugby and how far is it from Las Vegas to San Diego as Sid wants to sightsee on way to or from Denver, over 45 cricket tourney in Toronto, the lifelong Taverners cricket tour when Sid wins the lottery. At some stage, and I have forgotten why, Martin from Buxton blurted out “I’m fucking tough’…
It was a fun 3 or 4 jugger afternoon with the typical irreverant Taverner conversations and the author looks forward to attending another before he departs this cold, barren province for warmer climes again.

In Memoriam Of John Lovelace

Celebration of Life

John Lovelace

We were all shocked & saddened to learn of the passing of John Lovelace a couple of weeks ago. I think the turnout yesterday for this service only showed just how much he had influenced so many people here in Manitoba.

As John was a long-time member of Taverners the call went out from the President for members to make the effort to attend. Just from a quick count I figure there were at least 17 Taverners or former members in attendance many wearing the club tie as a show of respect. I was surprised but very pleased to see Horace there even though he is confined to a wheel chair. A number of people made emotional & often humorous speeches outlining John’s passion for the game of cricket, golf & life, including the President of Canadian Cricket & the head of volunteers at the Kingswood Golf and Country Club in La Salle that John volunteered at for a number of years.

Many faces from the past of Winnipeg Cricket were there, far too many to name & many that finding a name to match the face was a little beyond me.

As is our custom after the ceremony & the get together afterwards most of the group retired to “The Fox” to raise a glass in memory of John.

Feb 08th, 2020 Indoor Game report VS Bengal Tigers

Match Report

Taverners Vs Bengal Tigers

Feb 8 2020

Prior to the start of the game Chomo invoked Rule 135/7 (2 Poms not allowed in the same game) & sent David to bench even though he was fit & dressed to play & then included himself

Taverners bat 1st with Sid & Chris & from looking at the score card the previous weeks tactics were employed. Sid (53) hitting & Chris (-1) running on ball 6. Despite losing 3 wickets the pair scored 66 with extras. How many extras is impossible to determine as they are not recorded.

The 2nd Pair of Anil (16) & Chomo (18) again with 3 outs added 38 with the mysterious extras.

Final pair of Garvin (39) & Nigel (6) kept a clean sheet, wicket loss wise, added 51 to the total so I must assume 6 extras

Taverners total 155

The Bengal Tigers scoresheet was unfortunately incomplete when I copied it so this may not be accurate

1st pair scored 39 with 4 outs. The 2nd pair lost 5 wickets in reaching 37 The final pair were the most successful but still lost 5 wickets in scoring 44. The team lost 7 wickets to run outs. I am assuming a total of 124 as the information was not recorded by the time I copied the sheet.

A Taverner win by 31??

Bowling:- Sid 1 -14, Anil 1 – 40, Chomo 2 – 48, Garvin 3 – 31, & Nigel 0 – 27

Post game activities were as usual at the Cambridge with usual banter. Although a little out of the ordinary was David suggesting a meeting this Wednesday to institute a coup while the President was off in Mexico. Also as Nigel was going on Vacation I was designated leader of vice to select a venue for the Feb 19 practice. I have tried to be democratic & called for suggestions this has been mostly ignored so we have 4 suggestions so far for 3 different venues. Maybe we can all go to a location of our own choice & set up a conference call for our discussions.


Feb 01st, 2020 Indoor Game report VS Super Kings 1

Taverners Vs Super Kings 1

Saturday Feb 1 2020


I didn’t get to the game until the 3rd pair for Taverners were batting so the report on the opening 2 pairs will just be the figures

Sid (56) opened with Mark (2) & by the look of the score took most of the deliveries, the pair finishing with 58 without conceding a wicket for a total of 58

The Second pair Imdad (56) & Chomo (-2) both lost 1 wicket each, ending with 54

The 3rd pair Garvin (33) & Nigel (4) both lost a wicket, ending with 37

Extras were the Super Kings downfall giving Taverners an extra 34

All of the wickets to fall went to the same bowler Raja

Taverners final total 183

Super Kings started well with some controlled batting from Sandeep with some support but rash shots from his partner with some good running putting on 51 so they were well within the scoring rate needed

The second pair hit the ball hard & took a lot of extra runs but were too often run out. Imdad kept the score down by diving around & stopping potential 4s. ending up with 47 runs

This left the final pair the difficult task of scoring  83 unfortunately one of the batsmen was not up to task getting out 7 times sometime from ill considered attempts at a run. The pair ending up with 31

With Taverners more controlled bowling conceding 15 extras Super Kings ended with 144 giving a 39 run victory to Taverners

Bowling:- Sid 0 – 30, Mark 0 – 30, Chomo 1 – 61, Nigel 2 – 24 Imdad 3 – 32

At one point Garvin suggested that Chomo “pitch em up” Chomo’s next ball was a head high full toss. A little extreme on the suggestion.

The group gathered as usual at The Cambridge where Karran & David were already in place. A lot of the discussions were about the selection rules that the Prez was having difficulty locating.

Mid session a ghost from the past arrived in the shape of Kelvin who found a small slot in his retirement schedule to join the group.

Next game Saturday Feb 8 at 2:30 against Bengal Tigers