Feb 01st, 2020 Indoor Game report VS Super Kings 1

Taverners Vs Super Kings 1

Saturday Feb 1 2020


I didn’t get to the game until the 3rd pair for Taverners were batting so the report on the opening 2 pairs will just be the figures

Sid (56) opened with Mark (2) & by the look of the score took most of the deliveries, the pair finishing with 58 without conceding a wicket for a total of 58

The Second pair Imdad (56) & Chomo (-2) both lost 1 wicket each, ending with 54

The 3rd pair Garvin (33) & Nigel (4) both lost a wicket, ending with 37

Extras were the Super Kings downfall giving Taverners an extra 34

All of the wickets to fall went to the same bowler Raja

Taverners final total 183

Super Kings started well with some controlled batting from Sandeep with some support but rash shots from his partner with some good running putting on 51 so they were well within the scoring rate needed

The second pair hit the ball hard & took a lot of extra runs but were too often run out. Imdad kept the score down by diving around & stopping potential 4s. ending up with 47 runs

This left the final pair the difficult task of scoring  83 unfortunately one of the batsmen was not up to task getting out 7 times sometime from ill considered attempts at a run. The pair ending up with 31

With Taverners more controlled bowling conceding 15 extras Super Kings ended with 144 giving a 39 run victory to Taverners

Bowling:- Sid 0 – 30, Mark 0 – 30, Chomo 1 – 61, Nigel 2 – 24 Imdad 3 – 32

At one point Garvin suggested that Chomo “pitch em up” Chomo’s next ball was a head high full toss. A little extreme on the suggestion.

The group gathered as usual at The Cambridge where Karran & David were already in place. A lot of the discussions were about the selection rules that the Prez was having difficulty locating.

Mid session a ghost from the past arrived in the shape of Kelvin who found a small slot in his retirement schedule to join the group.

Next game Saturday Feb 8 at 2:30 against Bengal Tigers


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