Feb 08th, 2020 Indoor Game report VS Bengal Tigers

Match Report

Taverners Vs Bengal Tigers

Feb 8 2020

Prior to the start of the game Chomo invoked Rule 135/7 (2 Poms not allowed in the same game) & sent David to bench even though he was fit & dressed to play & then included himself

Taverners bat 1st with Sid & Chris & from looking at the score card the previous weeks tactics were employed. Sid (53) hitting & Chris (-1) running on ball 6. Despite losing 3 wickets the pair scored 66 with extras. How many extras is impossible to determine as they are not recorded.

The 2nd Pair of Anil (16) & Chomo (18) again with 3 outs added 38 with the mysterious extras.

Final pair of Garvin (39) & Nigel (6) kept a clean sheet, wicket loss wise, added 51 to the total so I must assume 6 extras

Taverners total 155

The Bengal Tigers scoresheet was unfortunately incomplete when I copied it so this may not be accurate

1st pair scored 39 with 4 outs. The 2nd pair lost 5 wickets in reaching 37 The final pair were the most successful but still lost 5 wickets in scoring 44. The team lost 7 wickets to run outs. I am assuming a total of 124 as the information was not recorded by the time I copied the sheet.

A Taverner win by 31??

Bowling:- Sid 1 -14, Anil 1 – 40, Chomo 2 – 48, Garvin 3 – 31, & Nigel 0 – 27

Post game activities were as usual at the Cambridge with usual banter. Although a little out of the ordinary was David suggesting a meeting this Wednesday to institute a coup while the President was off in Mexico. Also as Nigel was going on Vacation I was designated leader of vice to select a venue for the Feb 19 practice. I have tried to be democratic & called for suggestions this has been mostly ignored so we have 4 suggestions so far for 3 different venues. Maybe we can all go to a location of our own choice & set up a conference call for our discussions.


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