In Memoriam Of John Lovelace

Celebration of Life

John Lovelace

We were all shocked & saddened to learn of the passing of John Lovelace a couple of weeks ago. I think the turnout yesterday for this service only showed just how much he had influenced so many people here in Manitoba.

As John was a long-time member of Taverners the call went out from the President for members to make the effort to attend. Just from a quick count I figure there were at least 17 Taverners or former members in attendance many wearing the club tie as a show of respect. I was surprised but very pleased to see Horace there even though he is confined to a wheel chair. A number of people made emotional & often humorous speeches outlining John’s passion for the game of cricket, golf & life, including the President of Canadian Cricket & the head of volunteers at the Kingswood Golf and Country Club in La Salle that John volunteered at for a number of years.

Many faces from the past of Winnipeg Cricket were there, far too many to name & many that finding a name to match the face was a little beyond me.

As is our custom after the ceremony & the get together afterwards most of the group retired to “The Fox” to raise a glass in memory of John.

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