March 03rd to 07th, 2020

Taverners Week Report

Mar 3 – 7

As I saw so little of Saturdays game against Brandon, I am going to report on the whole weeks Taverner activities as I was the only member to make all 4.

Tuesday the curlers were in action. After a poor start by myself but with a little help from the others we didn’t fall far behind but then I recovered & gave the rest a chance to score. After 7 ends we were 1 up but without the hammer which didn’t matter in the end as the opposition picked up 3 for the win. During a beer upstairs after the game Martin asked where/when the next practice was. He was told tomorrow at the Heights. Within 5 minutes he asked where the next practice was. Even after several reminders he still never made it.

Wednesday practice at the Heights, surprised by the turnout in total 10, as it was a poor night with blowing snow. Much discussion about viruses & toilet paper, Garvin’s trip to South Africa & sundry other topics.

Friday Poker night at the Emery residence with a Callaloo evening combined. Sad to see Chomo’s face after losing all his chips on the 1st hand twice. One hand had 3 9’s turn up on the flop with Chris holding the 4th for a big win. 6 Taverner players in attendance with 2 spectators/cheer leaders.

Saturday game against Brandon featuring some deadwood. As I had another conflicting engagement, I only arrived after Taverners had batted. Sid (26) & David (17) opened & scored 54 with wides. Chomo (31) & Phil (8) added 51 with extras with Anil (24) & Martin (17) also adding 51 for a Taverner total of 156 that included 35 wides. Apparently there was a lot of running for the additional run &  on one occasion the ball was played direct to a fielder  who misfielded & both batsmen were at the batting end discussing who should run, when they had reached a decision the run was completed & the fielders still did not attempt a run out.          When Brandon batted none of their players sat on the benches along the wall & the Taverner fielders were hobbled or incompetent so there was no protection for the reporter, so I hid in the foyer area & only saw half the activity. I did see a good catch by Anil a tough but accidental stop by Chomo & 1 good run out by David. The next attempt by David to throw down the stumps from a distance of 4 yds sailed full pitch over the bowler’s head.

Brandon batting 1st pair scored 43 the next pair 33 & the final pair 35 for a total of 111 with 18 wides. A win for Taverners by 45

Bowling Sid 0 – 16, Anil 0 – 37, Chomo 1 – 29, David 0 -25 & Martin 3 – 21

The usual post-game gathering was at the Cambridge where the topic longest under discussion was Philip’s obsession with the Thai Lady Boys.