Aug 05th, 2020 Outdoor Game report VS Blackhawks

Match Report

Taverners Vs Blackhawks

Wednesday Aug 5 2020

Taverners won the toss & batted first with Imdad (42) & Sid (88 NO) putting on very quick runs until Imdad was out LBW. Ravinder (41) then joined Sid & the run pace continued with many of the runs coming in boundaries until Ravinder was also out LBW. For the final over Sudarshan (9 NO) & Sid took the Total to 176 for 2 leaving the Blackhawks to score at 9 an over for victory.

Taverners opened the bowling with Chomo & Caleb both restricting the run rate & taking wickets Caleb taking 2 wickets in 2 balls one bowled & one caught high up at a 2nd attempt at slip by Sid with another wicket being caught behind by Chris. Chomo got 1 wicket well caught by Ravinder. The #5 batsman swung & missed a few time & then retired hurt

A change bowling at this point with Andrew & Nigel taking up the attack this gave the #6 batsman Zahid the confidence to go for the diet of full tosses & long hops served up by Andrew & the slower but more accurate ball from Nigel to quickly score 46 before holing out an Andrew long hop to Caleb. The #7 batsman put on 17 before being well caught on the boundary by Keith off of Andrew. The #8 batsman was stumped by Chris about 6 yds down the wicket from Nigel. At this point Keith was introduced to the attack with his high lobbing deliveries & the accompanying grunt & in the last over of the game taking 2 wickets with his last 2 balls.                                          Blackhawks all out for 112 a Taverner win by 64

Bowling: – Caleb 3 – 21, Chomo 1 – 19, Andrew 2 – 22, Nigel 1 – 34, & Keith 2 – 14

Post-game meeting was at the Emery residence with some over spiced chicken left over from the Grumpy Golf. Apparently, there was also some Pork but I didn’t see that as I was busy monitoring the beer consumption. For the 1st time this season I guessed correctly the beverage requirements with the last bottle being split between 3 of us as we were packing up. I did some checking later & discovered that we have made over $400 more in profit to date than we did to the same point last season, & this despite making less profit on the store-bought beer that we have had to resort to. For the information of the newer members all this profit comes back to the players except the small amount spent by the Social Sect.on checking out the grass at Pebble Beach

July 29, 2020 Outdoor Game report VS Royal Tuskers

Match Report

Taverners CC Vs Royal Tuskers

July 29 2020

Taverners lost the toss & were asked to field on a perfect summer evening, warm sunny & a gentle breeze. The opening bowlers Sid & Chomo had little success suffering from some dropped catches. The opening pair were eventually out both caught #1 for 19 & #2 for 22.         #3 & #4 batsman looked quite comfortable with #3 playing the support role while #4 collected 45 runs before being stumped. At that point #3 retired for 5. The following 5 batsmen really didn’t trouble the score keeper, going for 2,3,0,0 &8 with Royal Tuskers finishing their 20 overs at 130 aided by 10 wides.

Taverners Bowling: –

Sid 0–18, Chomo 1-22, Caleb 0-26, Ossie 1-25, Anil 2-12, Martin 2-8 & Nigel 1-9

Taverners opening batting should probably be ignored with the 1st 4 batsmen amassing a staggering 1 run. Hein (0) Daniel (0) Anil (0) & Nigel (1). So, it was left to Sid (69) & Andrew (17) to make a game of it with some well hit boundaries & some quick running between the wickets. The tail Caleb (2), Chomo (1), Ossie (1), Chris (2) & Martin (3NO) barely wagged so that after 20 overs Taverners were 10 runs short at 120

Post-game get together was at Anil’s with a good turnout prompted in part by the Bookie’s Grey Cup Pool in which all 24 teams that qualified under some obscure Covid rules were selected at $5 per team. I am not sure whether I can muster much enthusiasm for ICE hockey at 30C. Next on the Agenda the James A Rose Trophy with Karran giving a very confusing explanation of how the nominations & selections will be made (worthy of the Trophy). Finally, it was announced that on Aug 26th we will play the Fort Garry Brewery Trophy game between the Darks & the Pales. (all very politically correct) As on some other evenings at Anil’s, bottles of rum mysteriously appeared so that with the beer running low the evening was extended. I don’t know how long it lasted after I left but I know I didn’t reach home until 2:00


July 22, 2020 Outdoor Game report VS Buues

Match Report

Taverners Vs. Blues

July 22 2020



On a warm breezy evening with luckily few mosquitos, Blues were 1st at bat facing an aggressive opening pair of Sudarshan & Ravinder, After the past couple of weeks the bowlers decided that playing for catches was a waste of time so that the 1st  6 batsmen were either bowled (3) LBW (2) or stumped. The fairly frequent turnover in batsmen also slowed the scoring rate down with the batsmen 1 through 4 scoring just 11, 1, 10 & 6, before falling to Ravinder & Sudarshan. The next batsmen in Simran seemed more experienced scoring 31before having a rush of blood & jumping down the wicket to Chomo missing completely & being stumped by Garvin. The later bowlers Chomo & Nigel had more confidence in their fielders & enticed the batsmen to hit in the air toward our fielders Sudarshan held 2 good catches running around the out field one from Chomo & a difficult one from Nigel. Nigel then followed this up with a smart caught & bowled from the next ball. As this was the last ball of his over, we had to wait for the next of his overs for the hat trick ball but despite the close field it was not to be. Chomo decided that John Ziesmann deserved a chance with the ball. My guess he was used to playing on a wider pitch or his Frisbee Golf activities had a bad influence on his line & length. He completed 2+ overs without someone calling over thanks to wides & the odd ball that bounced several times. A spirited knock in the last couple of overs by #10 brought the Blues total to 115 for 9 after 20 overs.

Taverners Bowling: –

Sudarshan 2–18, Ravinder 2-17, Karran 2-18, John Z 0-20, Chomo 2-19, Nigel 2-13, Hein 0-11

Taverners opened with the regular pair Hein (2) & Garvin (46) both starting slowly against the fast openers, Hein was soon bowled. Imdad (47 NO) joined Garvin & they slowly raised the scoring rate with a lot of big hits for 4 or 6 before Garvin was bowled with the score at 100.    Phil (1) went in with 16 needed for a win & the peanut gallery running a book on how many balls he would survive. Big swings at the 1st 2 balls hitting just air making contact with the next he took off for a run scaring the life out of Imdad but the both got home safe. Next ball Phil received was straight on the wicket & missed the bat Phil out bowled after 4 balls faced. Nigel won the lottery. John Z (5 NO) was next in hoping to recover some dignity pushed the 1st ball down to long leg for 4. In the next, over the 15th, Imdad & John picked up the runs required for our 3rd win of the season. Taverners now at 50%.

Post-game refreshments were at Kelvin’s with Keith doing the hosting with Hot & Spicy Sausage & Hot dogs. With Nigel missing, fasting for early morning blood work, 3 of the Kiwis not present, Martin & Mark in hibernation I was surprised when most of the beer disappeared. J.Z. took all the ribbing from those present like a veteran Taverner. Toward the end of the evening, the mosquitos put in an appearance, fortunately only Chomo was on their menu. Thanks to Keith & Kelvin for a pleasant evening.

July 15, 2020 Outdoor Game report VS Sher-E-Maples

Match Report

Taverners Vs. Sher-E-Maples

July 15 2020

Another game out south at La Barriere Park. In town we had some bursts of heavy rain but when we got to La Barriere it was bone dry & sunny with a nice breeze.

Shere got to bat 1st as they were a few players short Sudarshan quickly took a wicket but from then on Sher-E-Maples scored quite freely, there were a few familiar faces & uniforms from last week. Taverners bowlers fed too many shots square of the wicket where only 1 fielder was stationed. 2 wickets were taken by catches one really well taken low down by Anil & one jungled 4 or 5 times by Garvin after Sticky had woken him up by yelling that the ball was coming to him.

The next couple of batsmen retired to give their team mates a knock #9 batsman came in & hit a quick 30, but pickup Andrew only contribute 3 with Sher-E finishing the 20 overs on 178

Taverners Bowling;-

Sudarshan 2 – 30, Chomo 0 – 25, Anil 3 – 26, Caleb 0 – 27, Martin 0 – 26, Imdad1 – 27,

Daniel 1 – 13

Taverners opened with last week’s 2 failures Garvin (15) again caught from a full toss & Hein (43) with so much luck he should immediately buy a lotter ticket, at least 5 times his hooks & cuts went straight up either to drop between fielders or through someone’s hands. Imdad (17) & Anil (27) pushed the score along, both removed by ringer Andrew. Sticky was next out stumped or run out as he was halfway through his run before the ball arrived. It was time for a “skipper’s innings, but Chomo (3) was caught at slip by Andrew. I am checking Taverners’ Constitution for the punishment that is given to a Taverner playing for the opposition, taking the wicket of the skipper. I don’t think the death penalty is still in effect. Sudarshan added1 before holeing out. This left Daniel batting with Martin. A couple of times Daniel was halfway down his second run only to find he was lapping Martin. The final over from Mandeep gifted Daniel with 21 runs to finish with 23 & Taverners 160 to finish 18 runs short. Another fun game against a group who played our game in the right spirit to bring fun to everyone.

Ifram was back in town for a few days & played for Sher – E & had the misfortune to be fielding in front of the Taverner peanut gallery. Too often the ball was hit in his direction & as he got in line the ball would bounce sideways for 4. much to the delight of the barrackers

The post-game evening was at Garvin’s with some great sausages & Bison Burgers Must have been because of the cooler weather or the late start but this was the lowest beverage consumption of the season but still well above last season’s average. Again, a very good turnout but most left quite early.

The Grumpy Golf Tournament – July 10, 2020

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Friday 10th July , 2020 

Another fantastic day at Carman Golf Course, beautiful sunshine, cool breeze and great participation. 

Thanks to all participants, Karran & Kelsey for hosting and providing an excellent selection of morsels to satisfy numerous palates. Prizes donated by Nigel Wilcox, Anil Kaul, Karran Bayney, Keith James, Reaz Ali, Ray Ramrattan, Jon Pageand myself. I may have missed others, my apologies.  Beer provided by Jon Page.  Kris Ramchandar provided golf balls to any player who needed.  Thanks to Omar Maharaj, Reaz Ali and Kris Ramchandar ( the audit firm Cheatem, Robbers & Crooks) for once again tabulating the handicap scores.    

Post game activities were joined by Chris Emery, Jon Page, Imdad Ali and David Hakes. Philip Munro-Smith was our roving camera man on the course providing insight tips and the odd perfect drive off the tee box. The overall tournament winner was Kris Ramchandar on a “count back” with Karran Bayney defending the club championship.  

A presentation honoring John Lovelace as a member of outstanding character was made for 2020.   

The principled selection committee presented to none other than Karl Jaikaransingh, a great choice. Those free drinks over the years have finally paid off.       


Net ScoreGross Score 

Kris Ramchandar overall tournament winner 7085 

Karran Bayney club champion7077 

Keith James7285 

Dieter Nuesseler72100 


Reaz Ali7488 

Kamta Roy75102 

Omar Maharaj7589 

George Warkentin75100 

Haresh Bahadoosingh7597 

Ray Ramrattan75112 

Andrew Amsden7697 

Nigel Wilcox77100 

Joe Marrast7793 


Anil Kaul7789 

Maryo John78115 

Ray Kohanik7998 

Sid Roberts7998 


Caleb Stick80102 

George Cormier80104 

Karl Jaikaransingh80100 

Rudy Khan81111       


July 08, 2020 Outdoor Game report VS Royal Kings

Match Report

Taverners Vs. Royal Kings

July 8 2020

La Barriere Park

The Royal Kings elected to bat 1st (I think) & punished skipper Sid for 16 off the 1st over but did not have the same success with our next 2 bowlers Ravinder & Sudarshan. But helped by several “dropped” catches they pushed the score along. I guess I must qualify the “dropped” catches, under Taverner definitions it is not a dropped catch if you manage to get out of the way of the ball & it doesn’t touch you. Garvin was a master of that by moving forward a couple of yards the ball was over his head & run for 4.

What I can’t understand is the names of these newer clubs most of the players in these clubs’ hail from former British Colonies & with our current push for BLM I see how they can adopt the 2 names that should rightly be abhorrent “Royal” & “Kings”.  Political rant over.

The R.K. opening batsman Dipender cracked a well-played 49 including 3 successive 6’s off of Garvin before retiring with 49. Only 2 other batsmen scored runs R V (not a vehicle) with 28 & Varun who retired on 32.

At the end of the allocated 20 overs the Royal Kings were at a nice round total of 150.

Taverners Bowling (which might be a bit fictitious): –

Sid 0 – 28, Sudarshan 3 – 13. Ravinder 1 -15 Imdad 0 – 20, Garvin 0 – 38 (from 3 overs) Andrew 1 – 15 & Daniel 0 – 6

With a strong opening attack of Hein, Garvin, Andrew, & Daniel (22) Imdad (19) came in at #5 with Taverners score at 1 (wide) for 3 wickets. The opening trio had lasted 6 balls between then Imdad & Daniel pushed the score along but not as fast as was required for a win. After 10 overs we still required 99 for a win.

Along came Sid with a captain’s innings in his usual manner of hitting everything to the fence he made 86 with just 3 dot balls before being caught going for the boundary. Fortunately, he had Nigel (6N.O.) who kept one end up & finally Ravinder (3N O.) saw us through to a quite surprising victory after our poor fielding & pathetic batting start.

Post-game drinks were at Sid’s in his quite attractive garden (his feminine side?) where once again we consumed way above our previous years average for beer consumption. I blame global warming. Apparently, I have been told there were hot dogs to go along with the white man’s food (chips). I know that after a very pleasant evening with some good conversations that my poor mind can’t recall we wrapped it up before the witching hour.


July 01, 2020 Outdoor Game report – The Bragging Bat Game

Match Report

Bragging Bat

Taverners Vs. Cosmos

July 1 2020

Canada Day

This report should be considered fiction, based on a few recollections & some dubious entries in the scorebook.

A few rule changes in effect; 30 overs, 15 batsmen/team, batsmen to retire at 30,plus some others that I never heard about.

On a hot sunny Wednesday afternoon (3 PM start), for whatever reason Taverners batted 1st with Sid (1) & Garvin (30 rtd.)  Sid was replaced by Caleb (0) & then Anil (14) Andrew (30 rtd) with 4 big 6’s. From then on until J Z (13n.o) no one contributed too much to the score.

Finally, after 25 overs Taverners were all out for 135 for 14

It should be noted that the Cosmos side was loaded with Premier Division players because Ray insisted the Academy players were all out of town.

Cosmos started with their Premier opening group of Monty (16) Shalin (17) & Suresh (21retd) but then the scoring slowed with Capt. Ravi out 2nd ball (0). Ricki was looking for runs until he was run out for 14. After that it was an easy romp home with Mudresh (n.o.13) & wides almost topping the scores with 21 bringing a victory in 23 overs.

Between innings we had a group photograph with everyone socially distanced, probably the only time of the day that this happened

The post-game mini BBQ was at Chomo’s with a surprising couple of very young members crawling around the lawn (pre drinks). K J was in charge of the BBQ or mosquito fogging, I never found out which, as it was far too smokey to find out what or where the activity was from.

Having been misled by Ray about the age of his squad I seriously under estimated the number of beverages to bring. Before the food became available, I fought my way through the smog I saw that we were getting very low in the cooler. Imdad took off to collect a further batch, but I guess his sense of the emergency was far less than ours & he probably decided on a shower.

It then became necessary to raid Chomo’s fridge for extra beer supplies. When the emergency supply convoy eventually got through, to the dismay of the few Taveners still there, we found we were seriously outnumbered by Cosmos players (oh the shame of it). By this time the Mozzies had driven us off the grass to sit around a wood fire.

A quite interesting discussion about the relative advantages of private education over that supplied by the regular public schools, quite impressed by the points coming from the young gentlemen

Once again, we set a new beer consumption record post-game

We will return!!!

June 10, 2020 Outdoor Game report VS Cosmos Spartans

Match Report

Taverners Vs Cosmos Spartans

June 10 2020

Played at Elwick

Firstly for those who didn’t see my email, this game was the 1st officially sanctioned outdoor cricket game played in Canada in 2020 as a result of the lockdowns to combat Covid-19.

I will apologize for the Brevity of this report as I forgot I was supposed to make the report & arrived late, spent much of the evening socializing & the fact that the scorebook entries are a bit sparce.

Cosmos batted 1st & apparently Taverners set a blistering over rate with half the overs finished in less than ½ an hour. One of their openers scored 50 with some fine looking correct straight bat strokes, that is all the info I have for the batting except a final score of 109 for some wickets, looks like 3

Taverners Bowling:-

Sid 0 – 11,Chomo 0 – 6 , Nigel 2 – 12, Mark 0- 15, Caleb 0 – 18, Garvin 0 – 30,

Andrew 1 – 11, Sudarshan 0 – 7

Taverners opened with Sid (16) & Imdad (43) with Sid going great guns for the 1st over or so but then going into a stall, out trying to sweep a ball but chopping it onto his stumps. Terrible confusion as to who was in next so Ray (6) stepped into the breach until he was out LBW. Next in I believe was Garvin (2 N.O) at which point Imdad retired undefeated. Next up was Sudarshan (15) who as one of the veterans suggested was batting as though he was swatting flies eventually out caught. The final batsman in was Caleb AKA Sticky (6 N. O) playing his 1st game in 20 years taking our score to 110 from 14+overs

Our first win of a new season

Post game activities were in the club house at Elwick with the usual fine food supplied by Sudarshan. During the evening Roy turned up & payed his membership fees for the year as a new member.

It was confirmed that our second game would also be at Elwick against Lions B as it was not certain that the Park would be ready.

March 03rd to 07th, 2020

Taverners Week Report

Mar 3 – 7

As I saw so little of Saturdays game against Brandon, I am going to report on the whole weeks Taverner activities as I was the only member to make all 4.

Tuesday the curlers were in action. After a poor start by myself but with a little help from the others we didn’t fall far behind but then I recovered & gave the rest a chance to score. After 7 ends we were 1 up but without the hammer which didn’t matter in the end as the opposition picked up 3 for the win. During a beer upstairs after the game Martin asked where/when the next practice was. He was told tomorrow at the Heights. Within 5 minutes he asked where the next practice was. Even after several reminders he still never made it.

Wednesday practice at the Heights, surprised by the turnout in total 10, as it was a poor night with blowing snow. Much discussion about viruses & toilet paper, Garvin’s trip to South Africa & sundry other topics.

Friday Poker night at the Emery residence with a Callaloo evening combined. Sad to see Chomo’s face after losing all his chips on the 1st hand twice. One hand had 3 9’s turn up on the flop with Chris holding the 4th for a big win. 6 Taverner players in attendance with 2 spectators/cheer leaders.

Saturday game against Brandon featuring some deadwood. As I had another conflicting engagement, I only arrived after Taverners had batted. Sid (26) & David (17) opened & scored 54 with wides. Chomo (31) & Phil (8) added 51 with extras with Anil (24) & Martin (17) also adding 51 for a Taverner total of 156 that included 35 wides. Apparently there was a lot of running for the additional run &  on one occasion the ball was played direct to a fielder  who misfielded & both batsmen were at the batting end discussing who should run, when they had reached a decision the run was completed & the fielders still did not attempt a run out.          When Brandon batted none of their players sat on the benches along the wall & the Taverner fielders were hobbled or incompetent so there was no protection for the reporter, so I hid in the foyer area & only saw half the activity. I did see a good catch by Anil a tough but accidental stop by Chomo & 1 good run out by David. The next attempt by David to throw down the stumps from a distance of 4 yds sailed full pitch over the bowler’s head.

Brandon batting 1st pair scored 43 the next pair 33 & the final pair 35 for a total of 111 with 18 wides. A win for Taverners by 45

Bowling Sid 0 – 16, Anil 0 – 37, Chomo 1 – 29, David 0 -25 & Martin 3 – 21

The usual post-game gathering was at the Cambridge where the topic longest under discussion was Philip’s obsession with the Thai Lady Boys.

Feb 15th, 2020 Indoor Game report VS Super Kings 1

I feel it important to preface this report with something my dear parents told me when i was growing up – “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything” – so this report will be tempered somewhat. And as online correspondence can be leaked (see US, French or English politics) i do not want any individuals to be publicly maligned or shamed over obvious discriminatory team selection decisions.

Where to start? Well, I guess team selection is as good a place as any.

Following the advice of, I believe, an ex captain the team was selected based on nationality or place of birth  – one player each from NZ (Sid), England (David), Malaysia (Chris), Sri Lanka (Chomo), Guyana (Garvin) & Buxton (“I’m fucking tough” – Martin). Some controversy in selection was the fact that one ‘deadwood’ who had flown 13,000 miles, made himself available for selection and was ignominiously ignored by the selector. This was made abundantly clear when, after at least 6 (the # required to field a team) had answered the original selection call a plaintive plea was sent out, by the selector, for another player. This club member, being a Canadian citizen, also would have qualified under the nationality rules. Despite what Mr Roberts asserted, post game,  that said ignored player wasn’t like an elephant and would soon forget this slight – rest assured he will remember!
Now, the game…unsure of who won the toss but Taverners batted first after getting the umpire to stop his batting practice 10 mins after the official start time.
Sid & Chris got the innings off to a good start with a total of 63 with Sid 57, Chris -1. Good running on the 6th ball ensured that Sid saw the bulk of the bowling.
Next up were Chomo & David who put on a total of 36 – Chomo 27 & David 6 both sharing the strike.
Garvin 30 & Martin 11 added 39 to the score to leave Taverners with a total score of 138. Would this be enough?
Despite some wayward bowling from the captain and David the first pair were held to 48 runs.
The next pair made it obvious from the start that they were going to be running and eventually ended up with 63 runs. I believe it was during this pairs innings that David, from the back wall, threw down the wicket at the other end for a runout. A fine piece of fielding even if he could’ve walked in and runout the batsman at the bowlers end much easier…
The last pair came to the wicket needing 28 to win. A maiden over from Sid added some pressure to them. Finally, Chomo bowled an over with single digits to keep the pressure on. I wasn’t really paying attention to how many needed in last over but it fell to David to try and get a couple of wickets early from the last over…instead 2 deadballs – 1 heading straight to sidewall, the other very close to it and 9 runs from the over saw the last pair end up with 34 and team score of 145…a win by 7 runs.
A few misfields, a couple of errant balls and an inability for running between wickets when batting were the difference. What may – and I emphasize may – have made the difference when batting was having deadwood that can run like a gazelle in the batting lineup. But we will never know.
Sid, 4 overs, 27 runs, 0 wkts
Chomo – 4 overs, 42 runs, 0 wkts
Garvin – 4 overs, 30 runs, 1 wkt
David – 2 overs, 27 runs, 0 wkts
Martin – 4 overs, 35 runs, 2 wkts
A good turnout at Cambridge with all players and 2 deadwoods in attendance.
As per usual the conversation ranged from do you wear underwear or go commando when wearing elephant pants from Thailand -the news of sex robots with AI, team selection, masters rugby and how far is it from Las Vegas to San Diego as Sid wants to sightsee on way to or from Denver, over 45 cricket tourney in Toronto, the lifelong Taverners cricket tour when Sid wins the lottery. At some stage, and I have forgotten why, Martin from Buxton blurted out “I’m fucking tough’…
It was a fun 3 or 4 jugger afternoon with the typical irreverant Taverner conversations and the author looks forward to attending another before he departs this cold, barren province for warmer climes again.