November 13, 2018 Curling Report

Taverners evened their record at 3 and 3 on Tuesday falling 10-3.  After Mr Bayney won the toss we gave up a steal of 1 on the first end. We took 3 in the second end with a delicate last rock takeout through a narrow port.  Our opposition replied with a 4 when a miss on their intended last rock  shot careened onto, and removed our shot rock which had been buried behind cover.  They stole their way to 5 more points over the remaining ends and we retired after 6.  The highlight of the night was a long raise double takeout by Mr Bayney.  Next week Ali will come in for Nigel.


November 06, 2018 Curling Report

Taverners fell to 3-2 with a 6-2 loss on Tuesday.  After stealing a point on the first end (lost the toss) we gave up a tough 3.  We fought back to take 1 in the third end on a delicate last rock draw before our opposition scored 3 to put the match out of reach.  Ahh, the beer was cold, as was our draw weight.

Ray (skip)

October 30, 2018 Curling Report

Taverners hit the ice Tuesday and started by losing the toss.  We should have known our opposition were good when they could slide half the distance of the ice while practicing. As it turns out we held them to one in the first end but things started to unravel after that. They stole two in the second and another in the third, but the big blow was in the fourth where they stole 5.  Skip Keith was left with a very tough draw and when it misfired we accepted fate and headed for pain killer in the bar.

October 23, 2018 Curling Report

This is not “Fake News”
Taverners curlers are now 3 & 0 & I think 1 of 2 with no losses. That will change next Tuesday as we are drawn against the other team with 3 wins.
I was not asked to write this till we were long off the ice & I didn’t pay much attention to the scores.
The game started with us with 4 players & the others with 2 so after a short discussion I joined the opposition to play 3 on 3. After I had thrown the opening 3 rocks for the others their #3 player arrived so I switched back.
It was agreed that Nigel would be 2nd, Keith 3rd but would hold the broom & Ray throw skip rocks, somehow that went out of the window & Keith was #4.
How we got there I don’t recall but I think at the end of 3 we were 5 -1 up.
The other team was having a bad day with what looked like real good shots going astray & giving us a point.
At the end of 4 their skip threw a strange shot, we were thinking he would draw for 1 except he threw at our stones out front. when I asked him after what he intended he said he wanted to raise our stones in & go drink beer. So even though he missed we shook hands & went for a libation.
I am sure knowing our next opponents that wont happen again.
No “practice” next week so come & watch the tussle for the top.
Tuesday 4:30 start

October 16, 2018 Curling Report

Game report.
Taverners improved to 2-0 with a 4-3 win last evening.  After giving up a steal of one on the opening end we took one in the second end, stole 1 in the third and fourth ends before the teams traded points in the remaining ends.  Ultimately the game came down to the last rock and when our opposition was unable to remove our half buried rock in the four foot circle we walked away with the win.
Next week the lineup changes as Mr Wilcox will step in for Mr Bayney who will be sunning himself in Nova Scotia for this week and next.

October 09, 2018 Curling Report

Taverners curlers open with a win

Taverners opened their curling season last evening with a win.  The score flattered our opposition, who were down 6 – 1 midway through, after narrowly missing giving up a steal of 6, when their skip managing to hold us to a 2 with a fine last rock draw.  We really had only one poor end where we gave up a 5 in the sixth end.  Thereafter we took two in the seventh and were lying three buried in the eighth when our opposition conceded making the final 8 – 6.

Larry Unrau Golf Tournament (par 3) 2018

Thanks to all participants at the game.

We had a very good evening for the event once again.

Special thanks to our host Martin & Linda Dabee, also

Jon Page for the supply of his exceptional brews.

Results as follows;


  1. Karran Bayney                   27           Winner & defending champion.  
  2. Garvin Bhuddoo                31
  3. Philip Munro-Smith           32           (On count back)
  4. Anil Kaul                             32
  5. Keith James                       33
  6. Karl Jaikaransingh             35
  7. Joe Marrast                        36           (on count back)
  8. Andrew Amsden                36           (on count back)
  9. David Hakes                       36          
  10. Chomo Vanderwert           37            (on count back)
  11. Chris Emery                        37
  12. Georges                              38
  13. Ray Kohanik                        40
  14. Rezleigh Vanderwert         41
  15. Danile Bispham                  46
  16. Joe Sylvester                     48  


Congratulations to the winner and defending champion Karran Bayney.


Karl Jaikaransingh