October 16, 2018 Curling Report

Game report.
Taverners improved to 2-0 with a 4-3 win last evening.  After giving up a steal of one on the opening end we took one in the second end, stole 1 in the third and fourth ends before the teams traded points in the remaining ends.  Ultimately the game came down to the last rock and when our opposition was unable to remove our half buried rock in the four foot circle we walked away with the win.
Next week the lineup changes as Mr Wilcox will step in for Mr Bayney who will be sunning himself in Nova Scotia for this week and next.

October 09, 2018 Curling Report

Taverners curlers open with a win

Taverners opened their curling season last evening with a win.  The score flattered our opposition, who were down 6 – 1 midway through, after narrowly missing giving up a steal of 6, when their skip managing to hold us to a 2 with a fine last rock draw.  We really had only one poor end where we gave up a 5 in the sixth end.  Thereafter we took two in the seventh and were lying three buried in the eighth when our opposition conceded making the final 8 – 6.

Larry Unrau Golf Tournament (par 3) 2018

Thanks to all participants at the game.

We had a very good evening for the event once again.

Special thanks to our host Martin & Linda Dabee, also

Jon Page for the supply of his exceptional brews.

Results as follows;


  1. Karran Bayney                   27           Winner & defending champion.  
  2. Garvin Bhuddoo                31
  3. Philip Munro-Smith           32           (On count back)
  4. Anil Kaul                             32
  5. Keith James                       33
  6. Karl Jaikaransingh             35
  7. Joe Marrast                        36           (on count back)
  8. Andrew Amsden                36           (on count back)
  9. David Hakes                       36          
  10. Chomo Vanderwert           37            (on count back)
  11. Chris Emery                        37
  12. Georges                              38
  13. Ray Kohanik                        40
  14. Rezleigh Vanderwert         41
  15. Danile Bispham                  46
  16. Joe Sylvester                     48  


Congratulations to the winner and defending champion Karran Bayney.


Karl Jaikaransingh


Aug 08, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS Blues II

Match Report
Taverners Vs. Blues 2?
(Don’t you just love it when the score book only has half the info)
Aug 8 2018

Another warm sunny but hazy day with a little breeze
Taverners again lost the toss & were asked to field . Even though it was quite bright it was decided to play 15 overs a piece to save the 2nd batting team batting in the dark.
Not possible to give a breakdown of the Blues innings as no bowlers names are listed & the various listings of the scores are all different. So this is from memory & there is no published data to disprove.
David & Chomo opened the bowling & Chomo claimed a wicket with his 4th ball. With the next pair of bowlers Karran took a wicket with his 2nd ball & then got carted around the field. Ossie then took a wicket with ball #1 bowling a batsmen playing correctly with a forward defensive shot & the ball squeezed between bat & pad from an off cutter to remove middle stump.
The next pair of bowlers Anil & Sid kept the runs down but Sid suffered. 1st ball lifted to mid wicket Karran danced around in a circle & let the ball land at his feet. (“You stupid prick”) encouragement from the bowler, Next ball same shot to the same fielded who decided to imitate a crocodile with his hands, ball on the ground via his tummy.
Bowler “REALLY”.
4th ball along the ground in the same direction through the fielder’s (Karran) legs. At least 4 Taverners rolling on the floor laughing.
Change of bowling with Imdad being the final bowler but according to the book he didn’t deliver a ball.
Blues2 scored 83, 87 or 107 depending on which area was looked at.
Bowlers taking wickets. According to the book no one took a wicket but 8 players batted.

Taverners batting started a little slowly to some tight bowling with Imdad out well caught at slip for 4. Next in (& out) Chomo (quack). Anil then joined by Andrew & they put on a number (not listed in the book) of runs for the next wicket until Anil was out bowled for18.
Andrew then took charge supported by Daniel hobbling on his injured foot until he was run (staggered) out going for a 3rd for 9.
Sid the joined Andrew for the final over & Taverners needing 6 to pass Blues highest total. Andrew hit the 1st 2 balls to the boundary  taking him to 70 & Taverners to 109 for 4
A win in our final game by 6 wickets.

(FYI Daniel this was written when I was as jober as a sudge.)
Post game get together at Anil’s. A beautiful mild evening on the deck with beer, Samosas, & a bottle of some fermented sugar water that was left open on the counter.

At the end of the evening a long & interesting discussion concerning the MCA & the future, with Garvin, Anil, Chomo & myself. Anil lending his thoughts of how badminton coped with their growing pains. Garvin gave us some accounting of how local politicians were now coming through with financing for increasing the number of pitches especially when their constituency has a large number of cricketing voters.
Anil suggested that it may be time to rethink some of the MCA’s constitution which as I pointed out was written to run an association of 6 to 8 teams but that now is outmoded with 30 or so teams.
He suggested that we select the various key positions using people with that particular background i.e. a financial professional as treasurer. Before we realised it we discovered that it was nearly 1:00 AM & time to finish for the night.


Aug 01, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS Cosmos Lancers

Match Report
Taverners Vs. Cosmos Lancers
Aug 1 2018

Once again we were lucky with the weather, sunny, warm & little wind.
I believe that this was a rearranged game to replace a fixture at the last minute for whatever reason. So thanks to Ray for getting the Cosmos crew together.
The Lancers won the toss & batted 1st. but the Taverners opening attack struck early. Chomo getting the 1st wicket LBW then the #2 batsman was run out. A little later #3 was out caught off of Sid’s bowling. Cosmos Lancers 3 for 20.
Then the Patel brothers, Shalin & Kevin, came together & pushed the score along to 80 when Kevin was bowled by Vasu for 25.  Next man in Nilay was quickly out stumped by Chris off of Karran. This brought another of the Patel clan in, Parth, & he & Shalin took the score to 135 before Shalin was out for 61 caught off of Chomo’s bowling. With just 1 over to go Lancers added a couple of runs to finish with 141 for 6.
Bowlers Taking wickets:-
Sid 1 – 27, Chomo 2 – 28, Karran 1 – 17, Vasu 1 – 21

Taverners started well with Sid & Hein but with Sid doing the bulk of the scoring putting on 40 before Hein was out caught for 9. The pace boys could not make the break but the spinners Shlok & Sajin got the wickets of Hein, Sid caught for 29, Chomo stumped for 1 & Chris caught for 2.
The only batsman at this point scoring runs was Vasu who was eventually not out 46. The quicker boys Vaibhav & Saif came back & shut down the innings so that after 20 overs Taverners were at 98 for 7.
43 runs short.
Post game was at Chomo’s, only Sajin & Ray from the Lancers was there but we were graced with the presence of Mr. (Grumpy) Pickering, who sadly let us know that a former player Mike Fuller is not in the best of health. As usual Chomo provided a plentiful supply of food enjoyed by all. Plus my prediction of 23 beers being consumed was spot on.
Our upcoming game is the last for the 2018 season. Oh how time flies.

July 25, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS Five Rivers

Match Report
Taverners Vs. Five Rivers
July 25 2018
With an afternoon of rain & showers most of us did not expect the pitch to be in a playable condition. However when I got the Park I was able to walk to the wicket in sandals & end up with my feet completely dry. Contrary to some rumours I cannot walk on water. Apart from a small patch of dampness at the edge of the bowlers run up the pitch was totally playable.
That was the good news for the evening.
Five Rivers decided to bat & Taverners were 2 short, the 2 youngest members of the squad Andrew & Vasu were AWOL.
Maybe this is the time to remind members of Rule 2 of 2. “Players will be at the Park by 5:45 unless the skipper informs them that the game is OFF, regardless of the weather.
Because of the cloud it was decided that it would not be possible to complete 20 overs each so the umpires settled on 15 each.
Despite only facing 9 fielders 5 Rivers were not able to push the score along briskly possibly due to the long grass outfield. Chomo claimed the 1st wicket via a good catch by Hein & then a 2nd having the #3 plumb LBW. The next wicket took a while until Daniel bowled the opener who had scored the bulk of the runs. Hein claimed the next wicket, bowled & a little later Martin took the last wicket also bowled. Five Rivers then batted out the remaining couple of overs to score 112 for 5 in the 15 overs. Somewhere late on in the innings Andrew arrived.
Bowlers taking wickets:-
Chomo 2 – 21, Daniel 1 – 11, Hein 1 – 21, Martin 1 – 16
Taverners batting started off as a bit of a disaster with both openers Hein & Daniel being bowled for 0. David looked as though he was going to change our fortunes until he was caught for 3. This brought together the speedy duo of Ossie & Martin with plenty of useless encouragement from the Pavilion the runs came at a snails pace so that after 10 overs we were at 29. At this point Ossie was out LBW for 8 & Martin, nursing a sore shoulder from I don’t know where, retired hurt on 6. All of the runs at this point came as singles or extras.
Philip (7) & Chomo (6) then took up the impossible run chase needing 80 from the remaining 5 overs. Keith (4) & Ray (1) rounded out our scoring at 50 all out. .
The only source of double figures was extras with 15
A loss by 62
Post match gathering was again at Karl’s where the hungry lads feasted on a Chicken Curry or Curry Chicken I can never tell the difference.
When I saw the team listing I forecasted to myself that we would consume 21 beers & the group must have read my mind because at the end of the evening that was correct.
Just 2 more games left, it is surprising how quick the season comes to a close.

July 18, 2018 Outdoor Game report VS AICC

Match Report
Taverners Vs. AICC
July 18 2018
Old Farts Revenge
Another fine & hot sunny evening that started off with what we informed the opposition was a pre game tea ceremony, but it was in fact watering the stumps so that they would stay upright when we were batting.
AICC won the toss & elected to bat, Andy was looking for a quick score & drove one a long distance unfortunately for him it was mostly up & down into Imdad’s hands. The next 2 batsmen took no mercy on David & pushed the score along quickly but the  #3 batsmen followed Andy’s efforts high to Vasu, again off of Sid. This slowed the run rate aided by 2 change bowlers Chomo & Vasu. Chomo held on to a very good caught & bowled. The next bowling change brought on Karran & Daniel. Daniel took advantage of the batsman looking for quick runs having 1 caught in his 1st over by Vasu & then 2 wickets in 2 balls an LBW & a catch by Imdad. The final bowling change saw Ossie getting the #2 batsman stumped chasing runs & the bowling to a 12 year old.
Keith wondered if this was some kind of record, the age difference between batsman & bowler of 66 years.
Imdad then wrapped up the innings taking the final 2 wickets.
AICC all out for 89 runs.
Bowlers taking wickets:-
Sid 2 – 8, Chomo 1 – 8, Daniel 3 – 11, Karran 1 – 13, Ozzie 1 – 6, Imdad 2 – 1
Catches 3 or 4 by Vasu (score book unreliable) Imdad 2 Chomo 1
Taverners innings is easy to report, Sid not out 48 & Imdad not out 34, with 11 extras   93 for no wicket
A Taverners victory by 10 wickets
Maybe AICC will be more circumspect in future when referring to Taverners on Facebook as being “Old Farts”
Post match gathering was at Karl’s & for some reason we all arrived before he did. He must have got lost.
A great serving of Doubles that even I could not pass up.
Whether it was the heat or our margin of victory something caused the largest consumption of beer so far this year.