Grumpy Challenge Golf Tournament (18 hole)

Grumpy Challenge Golf Tournament

In the early 1990’s, the Taverners cricket team began to move away from a strictly Wednesday evening cricket team to indoor cricket, golf (Larry Unrau golf tournament) and weekend cricket matches. The weekend foray was short-lived as finding sufficient individuals to fill the roster was becoming an issue. So, after a few seasons, the team went back to the Wednesday evening games. As new members joined, there was a new drive for something more than cricket (more golf, curling, poker, travel).

Phillip Munro-Smith, a recent member and an avid golfer suggested that the team should also host a 18 hole golf tournament. This was quickly scoffed at by one of our senior members (Clive Pickering). His opinion of golf was low. Nevertheless, there were a significant amount of golfers within the team. One being an former assistant pro and a low handicap player. The others being hackers, slashers or ‘wanabe’.

Clive Pickering retired to BC to warmer climates and in 2007 the first game was played. It was given the name ‘The Grumpy Handicap Challenge Cup’ as a salute to Clive Pickering.

The origins of the Trophy: Just a couple of comments on Mike Fullers Reflections regarding the missing trophy. The trophy in question we saw displayed in Mike’s cousin Tony’s team club house & Tony regaled us with a tale of how it came to be there. Apparently the previous season Tony’s club had won the trophy beating the then holders from a nearby village. That club wouldn’t give up the trophy claiming Tony’s team used ineligible players. So Tony & some team mates managed to lift the trophy from the rivals club house. After a few beers at the end of our game against Tony’s side Tony Kennedy & I saw a challenge of repeating the task & taking the trophy when we left that evening. We managed to take it unseen. At the end of the tour we hosted Tony Fuller & his wife to a dinner at our hotel. The trophy was used as a centrepiece at the main table filled with fruit. Tony Fuller failed to recognise the trophy until it was pointed out & we presented him with the challenge that his team had to come to Winnipeg & beat us to take the trophy. That has never happened. When we got the thing back here we wondered what we could do with it until it was “reclaimed” & being a cricket team we decided to present it as a golfing trophy. Because we knew Clive Pickering loved golf so much we named the trophy the Grumpy Memorial Challenge trophy. Clive objected to the name stating that he was not “fucking dead yet”. So we dropped the Memorial part.

Scoring: Scoring for this tournament in done on the Callaway system referred to as the Karlway system.

1) Tee Off from the White Tee Box (for all including coloured players).

2) The maximum score on any hole is double the par equivalent on that hole (par 3 maximum six, par 4 maximum eight, par 5 maximum 10). On reaching this score please pick up your ball and continue to the next hole in order not to retard the pace of play.

3) With the exception of the defending champion, all penalties are one stroke penalties. Go to the point where the ball has been “lost”, drop another ball and hit from that point. The defending champion plays RCGA golf rules. This will now apply to all defending champions of this tournament.

4) The winner will be determined by the Callaway golf scoring system.

5) There will be no complaining about the rules or any attempt to burn the author of the rules in effigy, or in real life. All rulings are final and cannot be challenged unless a phone call is made to 1-800- IDONOTCARE. Non-participants are not allowed to slag any of the players unless in ear shot.

6) Players who are not on time to play in their respective group slots will be automatically disqualified from the tournament. Ineligible for any scores being recorded, prizes and mention of their attendance.

Their names will be struck from all obelisk and records bearing the Taverners name. No mention will be made of their names in any Taverners gathering until the seasons have changed four times.

7) Inaccurate scores are not tolerated. Any whisper or suggestion that a player has misrepresented the scorecard will be summarily disqualified by myself. There is no process for appeal.

8) The expectation is respect for the golf course. Please ensure no “Slow Play”, keep up with the group ahead. There are other paying guests on the course, they must also enjoy a relatively leisurely and positive experience in their golf game.

The rules committee.

Note: the rules committee has the right to alter the results of the final score to ensure a winner of their choosing.


2007: Phillip Munro-Smith

2008: Phillip Munro-Smith

2009: Mark Anderson

2010: Phillip Munro-Smith

2011: Phillip Munro-Smith

2012: John Lovelace

2013: Keith James

2014: Karran Bayney

2015: Anil Kaul

2016: Keith James

2017: Karran Bayney

2018: Ray Ramrattan

2019: Karran Bayney

2020: Karran Bayney